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Listed: No.
Common Rights? Yes (Sanden Fee). (Frontage 22ft; 1 horse or 2 cows)

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19861200 the an...
19861200 the angel 19861200 the angel

- The Angel (50 Church Street) Dec 1986 [Ivor Speed Collection]


The earliest known document relating to this property is dated 2nd June 1809 between Charles Thomas Hawkesworth (farmer) and Edward Dismore of Hungerford (carpenter), conveying "all that messuage containing two tenements with gardens situate in Sanden Fee, Hungerford..." - consideration being £96.

A later Conveyance dated 4th November 1874 still refers to dwelling houses in Church Street "heretofore called the Great Church lane" in the Tithing of Sanden Fee.

1876 First mention of a Beer House: The first definite mention of the property as a Beer House is within a Conveyance dated 31st January 1876 William Hoare to Francis William Jessett, stating "and are now and for some years past have been used as a Beer House". This was conveyed for the consideration of £500. (The 1841 Census has Charles Bryant, Beer House in Church Street. It is not yet known whether this refers to 50 Church Street).

The property remained in the Jessett family until Ushers Brewery Ltd purchased the freehold on 1st July 1948.

Several Kelly Directories mention beer retailers in Church Street, but not necessarily at this site. These include
1895 Kelly Directory: Francis William Jesset - beer, baker, shopkeeper, Church St,
1902 (T&M Register) Francis Jessett Executors (owner & occupier)
1911 Kelly Directory: Humphries - beer retailer, Church St

1915 Kelly Directory: Francis Oakes, "beer retailer in Church Street" (possibly here?)
1928 Kelly Directory: Francis Oakes, "beer retailer in Church Street" (possibly here?)
1935 Kelly Directory: Francis Oakes, "beer retailer in Church Street" (possibly here?)

1939 Kelly Directory: Mrs Georgina Oakes
1939 Blackett Directory: Mrs. Georgina Oakes

1940, 1 Jul: Ushers Brewery Ltd bought the freehold from the Jessett family.
1940 (T&M Register) E W S Bridges & Mrs Barnett (occupier)

1950s: Frank Barnett, landlord.

<1968 (T&M Register) Ushers Wiltshire Brewery ltd (owners until 1973)

<1968 (T&M Register) Francis Louis Henry Barnett (occupier until 1970)

1960s: Bill Ward, landlord
1971 (T&M Register) William Charles Ward (occupier)

1974 (T&M Register) Watney Mann (West) Ltd (owners)

Sep 1988: Renamed "Behind the Green Door". Close August 1992.

Early 1993: Reopened as "Just William's" (named after the owner's Great Dane!).

c. 1999: Renamed "The Brasserie".

Dec 2002: Renamed "h's Bistro".

April 2004: Katie and Dave Jones moved from The Railway Tavern to take over running this bistro - and re-named it The Angel again. 

2005 (CL) David Jones

2009 The Angel closed in December 2009.

2011 (CL) Void

Aug 2012: Bought by Malcolm & Celia Perris.
Feb 2013: Applying for planning permission for residential use.


2015 Sold.

2016 (CL) Malcolm Perris

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