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The history of ownership and occupation of the properties in this part of Charnham Street is very speculative. Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


1794 Francis Map: property not shown.

1794-1819: Probable date of building.

1819 Enclosure Award Map: property is show on this map.

1841 Census: (3rd entry under Charnham Street, property unsure): George Naulder (40), smith, wife Martha (40), 3 sons, 2 daughters.

1851 Census: Mary Heaver (48), widow, 2 daughters, 2 visitors.

1861 Census #65: Thomas Scott (44), agricultural labourer, wife Charlotte (45), 2 sons.

1871 Census: #66: James Scott (24), agricultural labourer.

1881 Census: #64: Stephen Phillips (65), agricultural labourer, 1 sister.

1891 Census: #59: Frederick Noon (7), millright, wife Sarah (47), 1 son, 1 daughter.

1901 Census: Thomas Thatcher ( ), Farm Carter, wife Martha, 2 sons, 2 daughters.

1911 Census #146: "Kimber's Cottage": William Smith (29), coal porter, wife Annie (24), 1 daughter, 1 border, 4 rooms.

1939 Blacket's Dir: E Stevens
1940 Blacket's Dir: E Stevens

c1965 Bob and Mary Jones. Bob was apprentice electrician to Alf Middleton (at The Sun Inn).