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 This (with 8 Charnham Street) appear to be a pair of Victorian dwellings, and there is no evidence of an earlier dwelling on the site. They became known as "Atherton Villas", from the owners in the 1860s.

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20151128 img_5698

7 & 8 Charnham Street, Nov 2015.

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1810 charnham st  eddington
1810 charnham st eddington

Map of Charnham Street and Eddington, 1810.

1810 charnham s...
1810 charnham st  eddington 1810 charnham st  eddington


1841 Census: No entry

1851 Census: No entry.

1851-1861: Probable date of building. The Athertons appear to own most or all of Bell Mead, the low lying ground between The Lamb Inn, Charnham Street and the River Kennet and River Dun. (See 1810 map). For more on Harriet Atherton see Atherton Crescent.

1861 Census #103: James Langford (59), miller and farmer, niece Harriet Atherton (42), housekeeper, Harriet Buxcey, servant.
1869 PO Dir: Mr James Langford, Charnham Street.

1871 Census #99: Harriet Atherton (58), 1 sister (Sarah), 1 servant.

1881 Census: #98: Sarah Atherton (60), 1 servant.

1891 Kelly: John Edmonds, 2 Atherton Villas.
1891 Census: John Edmonds (60), retired farmer, 3 daughters.
1894 Charnham Street Floods: Marlborough Times of 17th November 1894 reported "...the inhabitants of the houses between the Bear and Mr. Gibbon's Iron Foundry were, if anything, in a worse plight. ... Mr. Edmonds and Mr. Pearce had their underground kitchens invaded, and as their supply of provisions and fuel were in them, they were cut off from food and firing."
1895 Kelly Dir: John Edmonds, 2 Atherton Villas, Charnham Street.
1901 Census: John Edmonds (70), widower living on own means, with 2 daughters - housekeepers.
1903 Kelly: 2 Atherton Villas: John Edmonds
1906 Cosburn's Dir: J Edmonds, Charnham Street.
1911 Census: #114: John Edmonds (81), widower, retired farmer, 2 daughters, 7 rooms.
1916 Cosburn's Dir: J Edmonds, Charnham Street.
(Note: 1916 Cosburn's Dir: Also has "W Strickland, surveyor, Ramsbury District Council, Atherton Villas, Charnham Street")

1939 Blacket's Dir: Miss Edmonds
1940 Blacket's Dir: Miss Edmonds

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