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Among Norman Hidden's papers was the following collection of short notes (nearly illegible in parts!) on properties in Charnham Street he found whilst researching old Feet of Fines:

1272 56 Henry III: John Homeden [=Hommedieu] Q and Nicholas Homeden and Matilda his wife defs: lands in Hungerford, Charleton [=Charnham], Colmshonger and Standen, with remainder on John's death to Isabel and Dianisia, his sisters, reversion to Nicholas.

Temp Edward I: Roger de Ingepenne Q and William fitz Martin de Newport def: [includes] 40s rent in Charleton, Wiltshire.

1310 3 Ed II Trinity Term: Dukers Crs (Wilts & berks) Philip de Deyer Q and William son of William Isaac and Edith his wife defs: [includes] 1 messuage, 3 1/2 acres of land and share of 1 acre of meadow in Charlton-inxta-Hungerford, Wilts. John s/o John le Pester puts in his claim.

14 Rich II: Divis Cos (Wilts & bekrs) William Haynes Q and William Walrond and his wife Juliana defs [includes] 3 1/2 acres in Charlton by Hungerford, Wilts.

1408 9 Hen IV: Henry Harbergh clerk, Thos Calston, William Coventre, Robert Coventre Q and Richard Fode and wife the defs - 3 messuages, 8 tofts, 3 carucates, 6 acres meadow, 20 acres wood in Shalbourne, Harding and Charlton by Hungerford, Wilts.

1423 2 Hen VI: Wilts. Wm Darrell, Robt Longe, Richard Milbourne, Roger Trewbody Q and Wm Ferror, his wife Joan defs. 5 messuages, 80 acres land, 1 acre mead in Hungerford, Berks and 1 acre meadow in Charleton and Charnham Street by Hungerford, Wilts.

1446 25 Hen VI: Wilts. Henry Court esq, Thos Yonge, William Osborn Q, and Edmund Marquess of Dorset and Earl of Dorset and Somerset with his wife Eleanor defs: manors of Chilton Foliat, Charnham Street and Draycott, 1 messuage, 200 acres in Hungerford and Charnham Street and Draycott, Wilts.

1465 4 Ed IV: Wilts. John Tughill Q and Margaret Hungerford, widow of Robert Hungerford Kt etc def: manor of Charlton ald Hopgrass, 10 messuages, 200 acres land, 16 acres meadow, 100 acres pasture, 100 acres woodland in Charlton. Right of plaintiff by gift of defendant.

1473 13 Ed IV Easter: Wilts. John Tukhill Q and John Mervyn esq and wife Joan defs: 1 messuage, 1 toft, 16 acres land, 5 acres meadow in Charlton by Hungerford.

1502 17 Henry VII: William, Bishop of Lincoln, Reginald Bracy Kt Q and John Isbury and wife Elizabeth defs: manor of Charlton als Hopgrass, messuage and lands in Charlton.

See also:

2 Hen VIII, 22 Hen VIII, 30 Hen VIII
3 Ed VI, 7 Ed VI
5 Eliz I, 6 Eliz I, 13 Eliz I

15 Eliz I Easter: Hungerford and Charlton St. Henry Edes Q and Earl of Rutland. Messuage, gardens, land.

21/22 Eliz I:

1585 28 Eliz I Trinity: Manor of Hopgrass.

1600 43 Eliz Hilary: Charnhamn St: V Smith Q and Bonballus Longman et al def: Tenement

1609 7 James Trinity: Wilts: Robert Garrod gent and others Q and Edmond Woodyer et al def: Tenement in Hungerford and elsewhere.

See also 1610 and 1614

1619 17 james I Easter: Wilts. John Popham and others (named) Q and Ric Woodye gent and Eliz Woodye defs: 6 messuages etc in Hungerford and Charlton alias Charnham Street.

1627 Wm Addison Q and Francis Chok - 1 messuage, 4 acres land, 8 acres meadow in Charnham Street.

1628 4 Chas I Easter: Clapton Q and Collins def: 1 messuage Charnham Street with land etc.

1647 23 Chas I Hilary: Wilts. Michael Hedges Q and John Monday gent et al - Charnham St

1649 Hilary: Ric Woollie (?Woodye) Q and Fr Chok et al - property in Charnham Street

1665 16/17 Chas II Hilary: Alex Popham Q and John Lafford and Ursula his wife defs: 1 messuage etc in Charnham Street.

1680/1 32/33 Chas II: Wilts & Berks. Henry Coleman Q and John Butler and wife Mary: 1 messuage in Charnham Street

1683 35 Chas II: Maggs Q and Hy Coleman: 7 acres meadow in Charnham Street

1684 36 Chas II: Jn Hawkins and Robert Maggs etc as above

3/4 Jas II: Hawkins to Lyson as above

1710 10 Anne Easter: Alexander Popham Q and John Hedges: Charnham Street

1713 12 Anne Trinity: Wilts: Thos Butler Q and 15 defendants: 1 messuage in Charnham Street.