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Built c1800. Grocer --> china dealer --> cycle shop --> antiques --> take-away food.

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- Shisi Asian Fusion Takeaway, Feb 2015

- Charnham Street, Jun 1910 (the funeral of Mr F R Pratt), showing Stradling's shop on the extreme right

- Charlie May's Cycle Shop, c1935 [A W Hoare, Photographer, 104 Whitley Wood Lane, Nr Reading]

- Sapphire Furnishings, Jun 2010

- INNformal Pub Co and Brewery, 14 Charnham Street, 12 May 2020.


The history of ownership and occupation of the properties in this part of Charnham Street is very speculative. Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


1794 Francis Map: No evidence of this property on the map.

1795-1810: possible date of building.

1810 Map: Properties corresponding to 14 & 15 Charnham Street appear.
1819 Enclosure Award Map: Properties appear on this map (14 near road, 15 behind).

1851 Census #58: John Holdway (51) innkeeper (sic!), wife Sarah (49), 2 sons, 1 niece, 2 lodgers.
1861 Census: #93 "Shop": John Holdway (60), grocer, wife Sarah (58), 1 grand-son, grand-daughter, 2 lodgers.
1869 PO Dir: John Holdway, shopkeeper, Charnham Street.
1871 Census: #90: John Holdway (70), grocer, wife Sarah (69), 1 grand-son, 1 "nurse child", 2 lodgers.

1881 Census: (Unclear here) west to east:
     #88: Red Lion
     #89: William Mead (25), iron founder, wife Clara (26), 2 daughters, 1 niece.
     #90: Charles Mepsted (24), brazier, wife Alma (25), 1 daughter, 1 mother, 1 sister.
     #91: George Buxey (72), labourer general, wife Harriet (69).

1891 (Census): Edmond Lamsden (66), China Dealer; wife Rose (51), 1 son, 2 daughters. [NB: Position unclear here - needs further confirmation. There is only one entry between 13 Charnham Street and 16 Charnham Street. I have not yet confirmed that Edmond Lamsden was at 14 Charnham Street].
1894 Charnham Street Floods: Marlborough Times of 17th November 1894 reported "...the inhabitants of the houses between the Bear and Mr. Gibbon's Iron Foundry were, if anything, in a worse plight. ....... Mrs. Withers, too, at the Red Lion Inn, had a terrible time of it, and the houses of Mr. Andrews, Mr. Lamsden, Mr. Buxey, and Mr. Joyce were also flooded."

It seems that William Bally had opened his cycloe shop by 1898. 

See advert for William Bally, Cycles, Marlborough Times, 11 June 1898.

1901 Census: William Balley (32), Cycle maker, with wife Emily, 2 sons and 3 daughters.

1901 James Stradling took over William Bally's business and opened a cycle shop here. He had started his cycle business in Newbury in 1877.
1903 Kelly Dir: James Stradling, Cycle Maker, Charnham Street. (Note: The entry reads "John Stradling", but we believe this to be an error.)
1906 Cosburn's Dir: E Stevens, cycle works, Charnham Street.
1910 Photo of Mr Freddie Pratt's funeral, 9 Jun 1910, shows J. Stradling's Cycle shop on extreme right.
1911 Census: #105: Edmund Stevens (29), cycle dealer, wife Annie (26), 3 rooms.

[Possibly William Charles Dunn owner/ran the cycle shop around the time of the First World War. Ken Giggs contacted the HHA in Jan 2004 to say that he was born 1932 in Charnham Street where his parents had rooms in a house owned by Mr & Mrs Gibbons - probably 9 Charnham Street. His grandfather was William Charles Dunn, and Ken thinks he owned a cycle repair shop in Charnham Street before and/or during the war. Ken thought it was on the north side of the road, a short distance east of the Bear Corner.  This would fit with William Dunn owning 14 Charnham Street between Stradlings and Charlie May. In the 1911 Census of Charnham Street, #108 lists William Charles Dunn (29), formerly gardener domestic and chimney sweep but at present doing nothing as unable, wife Kate (30), 2 sons, 2 daughters,, 6 rooms. [I believe this is Kennet Cottages, near the river on the south side of the road - HLP] We do not yet have further supporting evidence for exactly where William Dunn's cycle shop was. 

1916 Cosburn's Dir: Stradling and Plenty Ltd, motor engineers, Charnham Street (E Stevens, manager). (Roger Day kindly added: When Edmund Charles Stevens joined the RNAS on 10 Dec 1917 his civilian occupation was given as motor mechanic.)
c1918: Stradling & Plenty moved to larger premises at 21 Charnham Street.

c1935 Charlie May's Cycle Shop. The photograph (in the Photo Gallery) shows Charlie and Eddie May in front of their shop, which they had taken over from Stradling's.
1939 Blacket's Dir: C May & Son, Cycle Agent
1940 Blacket's Dir: C May & Son, Cycle Agents

c1978 McIntosh Antiques

c1988 Chapel Antiques (Stuart and Ann Townshend) - "Georgian and Victorian furniture, porcelain, brass and large stock of pine".

c2005 Sapphire Furnishings

Jan 2015 Shisi Pan Asian Fusion Takeaway. (See Pan-Asian delights at new takeaway, NWN 5 Feb 2015). Closed Oct 2015.

Nov 2017 Hungerfood Takeaway/Sandwich shop

Feb 2020 INNformal Pub Co and Brewery. See "Bright new look for Hungerford's microbrewery", NWN 5 Mar 2020.

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