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Now known as "Forge Cottage".


1891 (Kelly) No entry. Other blacksmiths mentioned include Fred Bates and William Davis in Newtown; John Froude in Eddington; Charles Oakes in High Street.

1920 (Kelly) Caswell & Giles, blacksmiths.

1939 (Blacket's) V.E. Caswell, blacksmith

1939 (Kelly) Victor Caswell, blacksmith. [His daughter, Pat Smalley, was born at Forge Cottage. She recalls a large garden, the length of what is now The Forge (road), with many trees, some planted by her father to deter fishermen from entering the garden! The ford was much shallower – she recalls paddling through it on her 21st birthday!] [Miss Elsie Mills and Mrs Minnie Britton, interviewed by LPP 7.3.1983: Vic Caswell was liked by everybody – helped anyone. Said to have had a tax problem, and the business closed. Dudley James got him a job – repairs to agricultural machinery, but too much for him, and he committed suicide].

Gary Waterman contacted the Virtual Museum (November 2013) to add information about his grandfather, Arthur J Barrett who was the blacksmith at 24 Bridge Street from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. He was the county and national blacksmith champion for 2 years running.

19?? Dr Ann Kerr

1981 Edward and Sue Fry

1986-7 Peter and Marjorie Stobart
2008 Peter and Marjorie Stobart

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