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Earliest information: 1735
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Described in T&M Register of 1902 as "about 40ft"; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 19th century
Grade II Listed

Confusion over 19 & 20 Bridge Street:

There is confusion over the numbering and recording of 19 and 20 Bridge Street in the Town & Manor Register (1902-c1990). Although all the other properties are in the hard-covered book according to their position and numbering along the roads, "20 Bridge Street" is recorded before "19 Bridge Street".

20 Bridge Street is noted to have a frontage of "16ft being width of covered passage" and to be "site of cottage demiolished", whilst "19 Bridge Street" is noted to have a frontage of "about 40ft". A scribe has added "There seems to be a problem here".

Both properties (described as 20 and 19 Bridge Street) were owned by Ann Andrews in 1902.

This article will keep with the modern numbering, with 19 Bridge Street being (the cottage demolished in 1938, now subsumed into the numbering of 18-19 Bridge Street, and 20 Bridge Street being the next northernmost property, adjacent to the John of Gaunt Inn.

Thumbnail History:

It seems the original property was two sides – "north side" and "south side". This may link in with 19 Bridge Street, a small cottage on the same property - used as a staff cottage, and situated about half-way across the entrance (arch in days gone by) of the old Barley Mow Inn. When the inn property was bought by the Stirlands, the Bishop family also sold the cottage to Mr Stirland to facilitate the entrance.

Westall -> Cannon -> Pottinger -> Dismore -> Brooks -> Alexander -> Andrews -> Bishop -> Photographers (Studio Wreford -> Jack Knight) -> Hodgers (clothing) -> Morley dental -> Gentleman's Shop -> Griffin Antiques -> Gi-Gi Trading -> Milliner (Jane Corbett) -> Bei Cappelli -> Miss (Bridal Gowns).

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now office and shop. 19th century. Hipped tiled roof with chimney on hip. Red brick with some grey headers and grey band at first floor, rubbed arches to ground floor windows. 2 storeys. 3 glazing bar sashes on first floor. Tripartite sashes on ground floor flanking 6 panel door with semi-circular radiating fanlight in slight recess with keystones and impost blocks.

Photo Gallery:

20bs sep 2013
20bs sep 2013

"Miss", 20 Bridge Street, Sep 2013

20bs sep 2013
20bs sep 2013 20bs sep 2013

20 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

p3271090 p3271090
19830000ca 20 Bridge Street
19830000ca 20 Bridge Street

Jack Knight Photography, 20 Bridge Street, c1983.

19830000ca 20 B...
19830000ca 20 Bridge Street 19830000ca 20 Bridge Street

- Jack Knight Photography, 20 Bridge Street, c1983.

- "Miss", 20 Bridge Street, Sep 2013

- 20 Bridge Street, Mar 2007


Westall family, pre-1735-c.1760s:

1735 (Deed 20BS ) William Westall (South side) - tanner

? (Deed 20BS) Anthony Cannon (North side)

1753 (QR) Thomas Pottinger (North side)

1754 (Deed 20BS) Edward Westall (South side) ".. being on the East side of the High Street bounded by the dwelling of William Atkins and then of Thomas Pottinger on the North Side and with the tenement of Joseph Wineatt formerly Thomas Andrews and then of Moses Burch on the South Side, with Common on the East Side."

? (Deed 20BS) Benjamin Pottinger (North side) Alexander Dismore (South side)

Dismore family, c1760-c1836:

1764 (Deed 20BS) Thomas Pottinger (North side); Edward Dismore (South side) - Wheelwright. (£106)

1774-80 (QR) Edward Dismore for house late Westall's, q.r. 4d.

1776 (Deed 20BS) William Alexander (North side)

1779 (Deed 20BS) Edward Dismore (South side). "..on the one side adjoining the dwelling house formerly Edward Westall and now of Edward Dismore, and on the other side the dwelling house formerly called the Workhouse and the the Old Workhouse lately in the occupation of Edward Brooks".

1781 (CL) Edward Dismore

1795 (QR) ......Brooks (North side). Edward Dismore (South side)

1795-1804 (QR) Edward Dismore for house late Westall's, q.r. 4d.

1796 (Berkshire Directory) Edward Dismore, Carpenter and wheelwright; Mary Dismore, mantua-maker.

1799 (Deed 20BS) Robert Green (Devisee of C. Adamson) sold to Mordecai Brooks (North side) Canal Builder.

1805 (QR) Brooks (North side). Edward Dismore (South side)

1807 (CL) Edward Dismore, Snr

1810 (Deeds 20BS) Probate of the Will of Mordecai Brooks.

1810 (Deed 20BS) Mary Brooks (wife) (North side).

1805-17 (QR) Edward Dismore for house late Westall's, q.r. 4d.

1818-23 (NH) William Worrell (North side). Edward Dismore, snr, (South side).

(QR) Edward Dismore Snr for house late Westall's, q.r. 4d.

1826 (Deed 20BS) Charles Worrall (son) and Elizabeth (sister) (North side). Edward Dismore (South side)

1826 (Deed 20BS) Thomas Andrews (North side). Edward Dismore (South side). "..and those two Messuages tenements and hereditaments with all appurtances etc situate on the East side of a certain street there called High Street, bounded on the North by a public house called "The John of Gaunt", on the East by gardens in the occupation of ..... Franklin and Edward Dismore the Elder and on the South by a yard in the occupation of Edward Dismore and on the West by the High Street.

1830 (Deed 20BS) Richard North (South side) - victualler (£600).
1832 (QR) Richard North for house late Dismore Snr, q.r. 4d.
(NH) Mary Brooks (North side) "Formerly "old workhouse". Richard North (South side)

1836 (QR) John Beard "for house late Richard North's formerly Dismore's, q.r. 4d.

Andrews family, c1841-1944:

1841 (CS) Thomas Andrews (55) - mealman.
1847 (PO dir) George Andrews - mealman
1847 (CL) Devisees of Thomas Andrews (own); Edward Hayter (occ)
1851 (CS) George Andrews (29) - mealman.
1851 (Deed 20BS) George Andrews (North side)
1861 (CS) George Andrews (39) – mealman
1861 (CL) George Andrews
1868 (Deed 20BS) George Andrews (South side) Auction for £360. Now owns ns and ss.
1869 (PO dir) George Andrews - miller/maltster.
1871 (CS) George Andrews (50) - miller
1891 (Kelly) Mrs Andrews - residential.
1896 (CL) Anne Andrews
1902 (T&M Register) Ann Andrews (owner)
1903 (Kelly) Mrs Andrews - residential
1903 (T&M Register) George James Andrews (occupier until 1944)
1914 (CL) Anne Andrews - owner. George and Eugenie Kate Andrews - occupants.
1920 (Kelly) Mrs Andrews - resident owner
Undated (T&M Register) Kate Eugenie Andrews exec (owner)
1930's (QR) Miss Andrews
1932 (QR) Miss Andrews for "House formerly Westalls afterwards Dismores", q.r. 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) 19 and 20: G.J. Andrews
1939 (Kelly) George Andrews (uncle to Tom Bishop) and sister Kate Andrews - residential.
1944 (T&M Register) George James Andrews died in January.

Bishop family, c1944-c1975:

1946 (T&M Register) Squadron leader J D G Bishop (owner & occupier)
1947 (CL) John Denis George Bishop. Mr. Walter Hall (tenant - estate agent - later moved to Kennet House).
1952-1970 (CL) Void
<1968 (T&M Register) Thomas Guy Kennian Bishop, and John Dennis George Bishop (owners) ("let as flats")

1973? Tom Bishop owner, but never lived there. His aunt Mrs Bishop lived in part of the house. Llewellyn Robins - Studio Wreford - photographer.

1976 (CL) Albert Gallagher (Jack Knight Photography)
1978 Studio Wreford - photographer
1981? Jack Knight - photographer.
1983 (CL) Albert Gallagher (Jack Knight Photography)
1984 (CL) Albert Gallagher
1985 (CL) Albert Gallagher
1986 Studio closed 1986 - then empty.

1990 Hodgers of Hungerford - Ladies Boutique (Lynn Duff and Julia Smith - tenants. Moved to 17 Bridge Street in 1992)

1992 Morley Dental Practice (M R Morley, tenant, until 1995. ?bankrupt)

1996 Timothy Platel & Co Solicitors (came and left within the year)

1996 1st floor: Ashley Associates, Marketing and Management Consultancy; and Essential Staff – providers of personal and residential homes and care staff

1996 Ground floor: The Gentleman's Shop and Hungerford Barbers (Robert Johnson) [from 48 High Street]
2000 (CL) Robert Johnston
2002 Gentleman's Shop and Barbers moved to 29-30 Charnham Street]

Griffin Fine Arts & Antiques, 2002-2006:

2002-2006 Griffin Fine Art and Antiques
2005 (CL) Void

Gi-Gi Gifts and Interiors, 2006-2008:

Apr 2006 GiGi Gifts and Interiors. [Gifts and accessories for the home] [Moved from 128High Street] They have sub-lease from Robert Johnson until 2008?
2008 Gi-Gi Gifts (Closed ?Nov 2008)

Jane Corbett Boutique & Millinery, 2009-2010:

2009 (?Jul) Jane Corbett Boutique (and Millinery) moved from 9 Bridge Street.

Bei Capelli Fashions, 2010-2013:

2010 (18th Jan) Bei Cappelli - Fashion boutique
2011 (CL) Void
2013 Aug Bei Cappelli closed.

Miss, Bridal Gowns, 2013-present:

2013 Sep: Miss, Bridal gowns of Hungerford opened.
2016 (CL) Void

Andrew's Yard (between 20BS and Barley Mow)

1841 (CS) James Day (45) Hairdresser.
Emma Harris (50) Independent
Joseph Whatts (30) carpenter

1851 (CS) James Day (56) Perfumer
John Grainger (50) Carrier
James Watts (sic!) (40) Carpenter

1861 (CS) James Day (66) Hairdresser

1871 (CS) Lucy Pocock (73) widow
John Hancox (40) Millwright and engineer

1881 (CS) Phillip Sampson (37) Miller
David North (30) Agricultural labourer
Joseph Ellis (22) Agricultural labourer – lodger
"Malthouse" - James Faggeter (37) Maltster.