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Earliest information: <1470
Original estate: Hungerford Engleford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 32ft + 11ft = 43ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: Early 17th century
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

Common Rights, Quit Rent (eventually) 6d.

Hungerford - Dighton - Yowle - Kinge - Strange - King - Sare - Walker - Wallis - Burgess - Owen - Beard - Leaney - Petter - Jarret - Stirland (Harlequin Antiques Ad-Hoc - Le Chic Nails & Beauty - The Swedish Room - Living Art)

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. Early 17th century and 18th century. Tiled roof, central brick chimney, gabled dormer, brick walls painted, dentil course to eaves and first floor band. 2 storeys and attic. 3 glazing bar sashes with exposed frames and cambered heads, one blank between left and centre sashes. Carriage entrance to right of ground floor. 20th century plain shop window, central 20th century glazed door and 2 glazing bar sashes to left.

Photo Gallery:


The Swedish Room, 16 Bridge Street, May 2011

img_6276 img_6276

Bridge Street, c1905

bridge_st_04 bridge_st_04

Opening of Harlequin Antiques, Mar 1992

bs16a bs16a
16bs ad-hoc 1996
16bs ad-hoc 1996

Ad-Hoc Hair Design, c1996

16bs ad-hoc 199...
16bs ad-hoc 1996 16bs ad-hoc 1996
20151112 img_5647
20151112 img_5647

"Living Art" Gallery, Nov 2015

20151112 img_56...
20151112 img_5647 20151112 img_5647

16 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

P3271087 P3271087
20200928 16 Bridge St
20200928 16 Bridge St

Living Art closed, 28 Sep 2020.

20200928 16 Bri...
20200928 16 Bridge St 20200928 16 Bridge St

- "Living Art", 16 Bridge Street, Nov 2015

- Bridge Street, c1905

- Opening of Harlequin Antiques, Mar 1992

- Ad-Hoc Hair Design, c1996

- 16 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

- The Swedish Room, 16 Bridge Street, May 2011

- Living Art closed, 28 Sep 2020.


<1470 (NH) Sir Walter Hungerford

c 1470 (NH) John Dighton 1 burg., q.r. 8d, "late Sir Walter Hungerford's and whose before that not known"

1552 (NH) Now divided into 2 tenements
N.side "late John Diton's", q.r.6d.
S. side late in the tenure of Richard Swete q.r.2d.

1573 (NH) John Yowle q.r. 6d.
1591 (NH) John Yowle (but q.r. 9¾d.)
1609 (NH) John Yowle as for 1573, q.r.6d.

1667 (NH) Hocktide Court Book: Jn. Yowle ..> John Kinge

1676 (NH) QRR: Francis Strange (or Stronge) q.r.6d.
1680 (NH) Hocktide .CB. Francis Strong is listed as a freeholder, no Richard King

1687 (NH) Deed of no.15 states Richard King is neighbour on N. (i.e.No. 16)
1690 (NH) Hocktide C.B. Francis Strong's name is not on list of freeholders, but the name of Richard King now appears.

1733 (NH) Deed of no.15 gives Richard Sare [Constable 1700 & 1714. Tenant of 33HS in 1722, see deeds of 33HS] as neighbour on N.side (i.e. No. 16)

1753-1761 (QR) Isaac Walker for his house, q.r. 6d.

1774-80 (QR) Widow Wallis for house late Walkers, q.r. 6d.
1781 (CL) Widow Wallis
1795-1804 (QR) Elizabeth Wallis for her house late Walker's, q.r. 6d.

1805-1817 (QR) John Burgess (deleted) James Elgar Owen for house late Elizabeth Wallis formerly Walkers, q.r. 6d.
1818-23 (QR) James Elgar Owen for house late Elizabeth Wallis formerly Walker's, q.r. 6d.

1824-30 (John Newton) Richard & Mary Gibbons ran first iron foundry here
1830 Agricultural "Swing" riots in Kintbury and Hungerford, Gibbons foundry in Bridge Street damaged. New foundry then built on Bell Mead in Charnham Street (now Somerfield Petrol station and shop).

1832 (QR) James Elgar Owen for house late Elizabeth Wallis formerly Walker's, q.r. 6d.
1836 (QR) James Elgar Owen & Joseph Spearing for a house late John Burgess formerly Walter's, q.r. 6d.

1841 (CS) William Cook (45), coalmerchant. [John Beard in the Barley Mow only]
1847 (CL) Messrs Owen & Spearing, Trustees of M & J Burgess (own); William Cook (occ)

1847 (Kelly) John Beard, Barley Mow and Coal-merchant, High Street, established 1832".

1851 (CS) John Beard (60), coal mechant. [Constable 1850]
1861 (CL) John Beard
1869 (PO Dir) Henry John Beard, farmer and coal merchant. (Jock Rolfe said that their farm was near the present-day Membury Service station)
1871 (CS) Henry John Beard (35), coal merchant. [Constable 1872-75]
1881 (CS) Henry Beard (45), coal merchant and farmer – 5 men and 5 boys.
1889 Henry John Beard died 15.11.1899.
1896 (CL) Heir of Henry John Beard (own); John Beard (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Heir of Henry John Beard (owner)
1903 (Kelly) Louis and John Beard, coal, coke, manure and salt merchants.
1903 (T&M Register) John William Beard (occupier until 1913)
Undated (T&M Register) Louis Henry beard junior (owner)
1914 (CL) Louis Henry Beard (own); Louis Henry Beard jnr (occ)
1914 (T&M Register) Louis Henry Beard junior (occupier until ?1916)
1917 (T&M Register) John William Beard (occupier until ?1918)
1919 (T&M Register) Louis Henry eard (occupier until ?1930)
1931 (T&M Register) Clara Alice Beard (occupier until 1932; void 1933)
1932 (QR) L. Beard for "House formerly Wallis's afterwards Walker's then James Elgar Owen and Joseph Spearing + Wm. Cook", q.r. 6d.
1933 (Deeds) Louis Henry Beard junior inherits from his father, also Louis Henry Beard.
1933 (Ada Beard) New staircase built by Wooldridge's.
1934 (T&M Register) Louis Henry Beard junior (occupier)
1939 (Blacket's) L.H. Beard & Sons, coal merchants
1947-1956 (CL) Louis Henry Beard
1961 (Deeds) Louis Henry Beard junior dies 5.3.1961.
1963 (CL) Ada Mabel Beard x Cyril Leaney

1964 (Deeds) Mrs Ada Beard sold to Cyril George Leaney, a watchmaker, who put in the shop window.

1966-78 Bought by Ken and Phyllis Petter – "The Craftsman" – pine furniture restoration.
<1968 (T&M register) Kenneth Marsden  Petter & Phyllis Mary Petter (owners & occupier until 1978)
1968-1976 (CL) Kenneth Marsden Petter (The Craftsman Pine)

1978 Bought by Jimmy & Liz Jarrett. The Craftsman, Pine Furniture.
1978 (T&M Register) Charles James Jarrett & Elizabeth Ann Jarrett (owners)
1979 (T&M Register) Charles James Jarrett (occupier)
1983 (CL) Charles James Jarrett (The Craftsman Pine)
1984 (CL) Charles James Jarrett
1985 (CL) Charles James Jarrett
1988 The Craftsman (C J B and E A Jarrett) "Pine specialist for 19 years. 3 showrooms in stableyard with a large selection of quality stripped pine and country furniture".

1989-90? Sold to Peter Stirland. Jarretts moved to Ramsbury.

1992 Harlequin Antiques (Mrs Iris Lloyd). Theatre and dance books and prints. Opened 3.3.1992, closed Nov 1994.

1995 Ad-Hoc Unisex Hairdressing salon opened Jan 1995 (Colin & Janet Langdon)
2000 (CL) Jonathan Stirland
2005 (CL) Jonathan Stirland
2008 Ad-Hoc Hairdressing Salon

2009 Le Chic Nails & Beauty salon (Closed Dec 2010)

2011 Mar - The Swedish Room (Swedish and European Antiques)
2011 (CL) Jonathan Stirland
Aug 2015: The Swedish Room moved to 25a Charnham Street

Nov 2015: "Living Art" Gallery - Art, Bronzes, Sculpture and Mid 20th Century Furniture.
2016 (CL) Jonathan Stirland
Sep 2020: Living Art closed during the Covid pandemic.

Sep 2020: Property vacant.

Dec 2020: "Aspire" Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors.

Notes by Mrs Ada Beard :

The single storey buildings up the yard were two storeys originally. The floor of the kitchen was raised to reduce the risk of flooding. The upper floors were removed to make adequate headroom.
Panelling in the hall was taken from one of the bedrooms abutting 17BS and is 16th century. Wooldridge's provided the new staircase in 1933.

Notes from various Documents and Deeds:

FIRST DOCUMENT DATED 19th July 1890 a Mortgage by the then owner Henry John Beard.

Appears to have "been in the occupation of the Beard family from prior to 1890 until sold "by Mrs A.M.Beard in 1964.

The greatest value from our point of view is the description of the property given in each deed and names of adjoining owners Louis Henry Beard elder son of Henry John Beard inherited the property.

Conveyance 1933 a Louis Henry Beard a Civil Servant is one of the Executors of Louis Edward Henry Beard and Louis Henry Beard "bought the property from the Executors for £775.

Presumably Louis Henry Beard Civil Servant a different person to the Louis Henry Beard who inherited the property. No Conveyance made to Louis Edward Henry Beard who established his title by years of occupation.

One or two maps attached may warrant copying or photographing.

Statutory Declaration by Mrs A.M. Beard gives details of use during her and her late husbands occupation.

Declaration made to establish Right of Way over cobbled strip of land out of the Archway to the public roadway. Essential to have access from the property on to the road. (Sold to the then occupiers Mr.and Mrs Petter for £1. by deed 18th August 1975.

No Conveyance to Petter's with deeds possibly withdrawn so as not to disclose consideration figure.

Bridge Street is described in some deeds as Bridge Street formerly High Street. Presumably at one stage the Bridge Street properties were designated as of High Street.

16, BRIDGE STREET. No early deeds showing previous owners and occupations.



MORTGAGES. to Secure £1200 at 4½% interest.

PROPERTY described as-All that Messuages or Tenement situate on the East Side of Bridge Street (Heretofore called High Street) in the Parish of Hungerford in Berkshire frontage 44 poles and 7 perches with the "buildings (formerly a Shop) Stable, Outbuildings yard and Garden belonging to and for some years past in the occupation of the Mortgagee. Also all that piece or parcel of land now used as a Farm Yard containing by measurement 35 poles more or less occupied by the said Mortgagee lying and being near Church Street heretofore called Church Land in Sandon Fee Tithing of the Parish of Hungerford and bounded by a road or way dividing said piece of land from, gardens at rear of and belonging to the houses in Church Street on the North side thereof by a piece or parcel of land Secondly hereinafter described on the South Side thereof by a house and premises lately belonging to George Wren but now to James Timothy Bowman on the East tide thereof and by land formerly belonging to the late- Mrs Hemstead but now to Henry Deacon Woodman and on the West side thereof Secondly all that land situated near the Road or way leading from Back Church Street as now in occupation of the said Mortgagee containing 1 rood and 20 Perches and bounded on the North by the Farm Yard lastly herein described on the East by the said property lately belonging to George Wren but now to James Timothy Bodman on the South by land belonging to Elizabeth Hercombe and on the West by land belonging to the said Henry Deacon Woodman. THIRDLY Land with building 50 acres 35perches situated in the Parish of Chipping Lambourne.

19th November 1907, CONVEYANCE Mrs Mary Ellen Beard and Another. To Louis Henry Beard.

Contents of Mortgage Deed dated 19th July 1890 Cited. Henry John Beard died 15th November 1899. By Will made the same day left Mary Ellen Beard sole Beneficiary. Probate granted to her. Henry D'Oyley Wolvey Astley releases property from Mortgage considering that the remaining land etc., covers the £1200 Mortgage. Property conveyed to Louis Henry Beard elder son of deceased.

4th October 1918. RECONVEYANCE of property by H.D'Oyley W. Astley to Louis Henry Beard. Previous two documents 19. 7.1890 and 19.11.07 quoted at length to establish titles. L.H.BEARD Covenants to pay £600 part of £1200 and is conveyed all that messuage and tenement situated East side of Bridge Street ( formerly called High Street) Parish of Hungerford frontage 44feet with Buildings Stables and outbuildings yard garden and premises thereto belonging or thereto held for many years occupied by the said Henry John Beard deceased then the said Mary Ellen Beard since deceased and now of the said Louis Henry Beard bounded on the North by premises belonging to South Berks Brewery Co. on South by a messuage buildings garden and. Premises formerly belonging to Thomas Blake deceased, and now Mrs Gresham trading as Blake and Son on East by strip of land adjoining the footpath leading from Bridge Street towards the Railway Station West by Bridge Street aforesaid. £1200 out standing mortgage agreed to exonerate property conveyed from £600 one moiety willing to consider other hereditaments in Mortgage sufficient security for other moiety. Louis Henry eldest son and heir in Law of Henry John Beard deceased whereas the said

Mary Ellen Beard in consideration of the Covenant on the part of Louis Henry Beard herinafter contained. Louis Henry Beard Covenants to pay to H.D.W.Astley the sum of £600.

22nd November 1923, Louis Henry Beard to Molly Thompson Powell GRANT OF RIGHTS 0F LIGHTS AND DRAINAGE. Miss Molly THOMPSON POWELL wants open three new windows glazed with obscure glass and on North wall overlooking yard enlarge one other window and make certain Drainage connections. Agreed subject to an annual payment of Ten Shillings. Plan showing new windows and drain connection attached.

24th July 1933. CONVEYANCE. Freehold Messuage garden and. premises in Bridge Street Hungerford. Louis Henry Beard Civil Servant and George Stratford Randall Peddle Civil Servant (Vendors) Gwyn Agnes Edwards wife of Vincent Bertram Edwards of 35 Westcombe Road, Southbourne Hants( second part) Louis Henry Beard (purchaser) Louis Edward Henry Beard late of Hunger ford called (Testator) was at the date of his death hereinafter cited seized in Fee Simple in possession free from all encumbrances of the messuage premises and hereditaments and by Will dated 5th June 1930 Testator appointed Vendors Executors and Trustees thereof and devised said Premises to Trustees in Trust to permit his wife Clara Alice Beard if she should survive Testator to occupy during her lifetime and Widowhood and on and after her decease on Trust for the purchaser and the said Gwyn Agnes Edwards to be between them in following proportions to the purchaser two thirds thereof and the said Gwyn Agnes Edwards one third thereof. Wheras Testator died llth August 1930 without having revoked Will which was proved 10th October 1930 Testator's widow Clara Alice Beard died 9th January 1953 Trustees agreed at request of and consent of Gwyn Agnes Edwards agreed to sell premises and hereditaments hereafter described to purchaser for £775 and Gwyn Agnes Edwards agreed to join in conveyance. To the Vendors £516.13. 4d. To Gwyn Agnes Edwards £258. 6. 8d making £775 in all.

Conveyed to the Purchaser -

All that freehold house messuage and premises with garden thereof situated on East side of Bridge Street Hungerford aforesaid ad for many years in the occupation of the said Testator and up to the time of his death and Clara Agnes Beard bounded on North Side "by property of the South Berks Brewery Company on the SOUTH "by property of Molly Thompson Powell and on EAST by the pathway leading from Bridge Street aforesaid to the Railway Station and on the WEST by Bridge Street aforesaid.

1964 ABSTRACT 0F TITLE of Mrs Ada Maud Beard to Freehold property situated and known as 16 Bridge Street Hungerford. Documents cited and where necessary right of production given:-

22.11.03. Deed of Grant to Molly Thompson Powell

18.7.33. Will of Louis Henry Beard Civil Servant appointed Ada Maud Beard arid brother in Law Harold Couling Executors All property to Ada Maud Beard absolutely.

Probate examined and right of production established.

5.3.61. Louis Henry Beard died on this date.

12.7.61. Probate granted to Ada Maud Beard.

20.10.61. Assent to the vesting of all property belonging to late Louis Henry Beard, Coalmerchant in Ada Maud Beard.

12th March 1964. CONVEYANCE Mrs A.M.Beard to Cyril George Leaney for £5000. All that messuage or dwelling house and premises with the garden thereto bounded -North by property formerly owned by South Berks Brewery Company; SOUTH house formerly property of Molly Thompson Powell; EAST pathway leading to Railway Station; WEST by Bridge Street-known as Number 16. Small Map attached.

18th August 1975 CONVEYANCE Ada Maud Beard now removed to Renroc, 1 Macklin Close. Vendor Kenneth Marsden Petter and Phyllis Mary Petter both of 16,Bridge Street Hungerford Berkshire purchasers In consideration of One pound piece and parcel of land situated at Hungerford Berks between the property known as 16 Bridge Street now in occupation of purchasers and Bridge Street Hungerford as delineated on Plan annexed hereto edged in Red subject to such Rights of Way and accesses are now enjoyed by respective owners or occupiers of properties known as The Old Malt House Bridge Street Hungerford and The Limes (formerly Willow House) Bridge Street . Map attached.

8th March 1975. STATUTORY DECLARATION of Ada Maud Beard now of 1 Macklin Close Hungerford I solemnly and sincerely DECLARE

I am the widow of Louis Henry Beard died 5th March 1961
My late Husband was a Coalmerchant and from 1933 until his death I lived with him at No.16 Bridge Street Hungerford which is for identification purposes only shown on the plan annexed marked and shown in Red.
The property was used as our main residence and as my husband's place of business and as from 1933 until I sold the property in 1964 the front door opened on to the yard coloured brown on the plan
Access to the said yard was over land coloured blue on said plan and under the Archway which formed part of the property Between 1933 and 1945 my husband's horses and carts used the said access way coloured "blue on the plan on their way to and from the Stables fronting on to the said yard.
The said Access way coloured blue on the plan was and still is in the main cobbled and the cobbles extend under the Archway into the yard and at some time after my husband and I moved into the property my husband had the cobbles reset at his own expense.
From 1933 until I left the property in 1964 firstly my late husband and then myself kept a motor car which was garaged in an outbuilding fronting the said yard and throughout that period firstly my husband in the course of his business and otherwise and then myself used the land coloured Blue on the said plan as of right without interruption or challenge or payment to any person.

I depose from my knowledge etc....

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