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Earliest information: 1607
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 36ft + 12ft = 48ft; 4 horses or 8 cows)
Date of current building: 17th century (?1733 - see Timeline)
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

Common Rights, Quit Rent 6d.

Allen -> Edmunds -> Seager -> Garmy -> Malthouse (Liddiard -> Parker -> Smith -> Hamroy -> Viner -> Brown -> Platt) -> Sadler (Blake) -> Powell -> Antiques (Dartford -> Hunwick -> Cook)

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. 17th century with 18th century alterations. Tiled roof with two small hipped dormers, rendered walls with moulded eaves cornice. 2 storeys and attic. 2 glazing bar sashes with exposed frames and central blank. Ground floor 2 similar sashes to left and one to right of central door under rectangular fanlight with decorative glazing, in doorcase of plain moulded architrave and simple gabled hood on cut brackets.

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15 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

p3271086 p3271086

15 Bridge Street, c1920

bs15a bs15a

15 Bridge Street, c1920

bs15b bs15b
bs16a bs16a

- 15 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

- 15 Bridge Street, c1920

- 15 Bridge Street, c1920


1607 (Deed) William Allen [signed by Tristram Dolman, Portrieve. Constable in 1606 and 1607)

1687 (Lease) Edmunds to Seager, dyer – lease for one year.
INDENTURE: Between John Edmonds of Enborne Berks, Gentleman William Houghton of Newbury, E6n:v0f'William Houghton late of Nevbury and Katharine Houghton of Newbury Widow Relict of the said William Houghton on the one part and John Seager' of Hungerford Dyer of the other part WITNESSETH THAT FOR A CONSIDERATION OF FIVE SHILLINGS TO John Edmonds paid by John Seager and five shillings to William Houghton and Katharine Houghton paid by the said John Seager Sell unto John Seager All those two messuages (lately consolidated and united into one dwelling house with those appurtenances in Hungerford on East side of a certain Street between a messuage of Richard Sharpe on the South Side and the messuage of Richard King on the North Side owned by Thomas Houghton and late in occupation of Adrian Williams and now in occupation of the said John Seager- together with all outhouses stables Gardens or Orchards and whatever thereunto belonging TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all unto John Seager Assigned from the day next before the date hereof for ONE FULL YEAR paying therefore one pepper corn at the feast of St.Michael and all Angels next following the- date hereof if same shall be legally demanded. To the intent and purpose by virtue of these presents John Seager may be in the actual possession of the said premises.
Note on back of deed - Lease for one year from Mr.Edmonds and others to John Seager to introduce a Release.

28th Dec 1687: Grant of Release from John Edmonds and others to John Seagar.

29th Dec 1687 (Mortgage) By John Seager [Constable 1690] to Jacob Bond of Newbury for £200 at 5% per annum – "2 houses and tenements lately consolidated into one dwelling-house". [Was this when the present house was built?] "late in tenure of William Houghton and late in occupation of Adwin Williams [who was Constable 1666 and 1672], now in tenure of John Seager".

1707 (Indenture and Mortgage) Thomas Aleyn between John Seager the Elder and John Seager the Younger, dyer.
1708 (Indenture) between Thomas Alleyn, citizen and salter of London, and Joseph Wells of Hungerford, and John Garmy alias Cooke, previously a butcher.
1708 (Indenture) Witnessed by John Seager the Elder. £100 paid by John Seager the Younger for "messuages, tenement and dwelling-house, outhouses, backside and orchard". Mentions Mary Garmy, widow.

1728 (Agreement) between John Garmy, Thomas Liddiard and William Townshend, gentleman.

18th Aug 1729: The Mortgae of 1687 was discharged by M. Liddyard.

1733 (Agreement) by Thomas Liddiard, maltster, to pay 5/= to John Garmy otherwise Cooke, butcher, wife Elizabeth prior to main transaction later the same year.

1733 (Indenture) Sale for £400 from Garmy to Thomas Liddiard of "newly erected malthouse, kiln, vat, garners, dwelling-house, adjoining houses, outhouses, buildings, edifices, stables, barns, gardens, orchards, backsides, pumps, gates, rails, ways, waters, watercourses, commons, common of pasture floodings, easements, privileges and profits, etc".

1736 (Document) Signed by Thomas Seager of Bermondsey. His mother, Elizabeth, died and was owed £4. 7s. 6d and £6 arrears by Thomas Liddiard. The document witnesses TL's payment to TS to settle the debt.

1740 (Will) Thomas Liddiard, maltster, leaving "malthouse, garden and orchard" to son Thomas when he becomes 21 years of age. If he dies without issue before then, everything to go to his four daughters, Mary, Sarah, Frances and Eleanor. His wife, Ann, able to stay there for the rest of her life in one chamber free of charge. Joint executors Robert Miller (victualler) and his brother-in-law Thomas Wells of Newbury and Anthony Peters of Froxfield.

1753-61 (QR) Thomas Liddiard for his house, q.r. 6d.

1755 (Document) Signed by Peter Lambole, nominating his friend Christopher Parker as his deputy and attorney to receive 2 months pay of his annual salary (£2 p.a.)

1757 (Will) of Peter Lambole, batchelor, Commander with United East India Company. Estate left to James Lambole, father, in North Waltham or, if deceased, to be equally divided between his brothers and sisters. Executor: Christopher Parker, gentleman of Cornhill, London.
1757 (Document) Written by James Lambole, discharging by payment Christopher Parker of his responsibilities as Executor of Peter's estate.

1766 (Indenture) Lease for 1 year: Thomas Liddiad, maltster, wife Anne, with Christopher Parker.

1767 (Document) Final agreement between Peter Knight and Thomas Butt and John Garmy and Thomas Cook and wife Elizabeth, of 4 messuages, 1 malt house, 1 barn, 2 stables, 3 gardens, 3 orchards, 24 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow, 6 acres of pasture, and Common of pasture, with its appurtanances in Hungerford solely and in parishes of Chipping Lambourne and Chilton Foliat for £100.

1774 (Will) of Thomas Wallis: £300 to wife Sarah, £300 to children.

1774-80 (QR) Christopher Parker for house late Liddiard's, q.r. 6d

1781 (CL) William Smith (deleted) David Hamroy

1795-1804 (QR) Thomas Viner for house late Christopher Parker, q.r. 6d.
1805-17 (QR) Thomas Viner for house late Christopher Parker, q.r. 6d.
1807 (CL) ?Thomas Viner jnr Tho. Buckeridge (or 14 HS?)

1818-23 (QR) Thomas Viner (deleted) John Brown for a house late Christopher Parker, q.r. 6d.
1832 (QR) John Brown for a house late Thomas Viner, q.r. 6d.
1836 (QR) John Brown for a house late Thomas Viner's, q.r. 6d.

1847 (CL) John Platt (own); John Foster (occ)

1851 (CS) Thomas Blake (31) Saddler.
1851-96 Thomas Blake (born 1821), owner and occupier, saddler employing [in 1881] 2 men and 1 boy.
1861 (CL) John Platt (own); Thomas Blake (occ)
1896 (CL) Thomas Blake (own); Thomas Blake & son (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Thomas Blake (owner)
1903 (Kelly) Thomas Blake and Son, saddler and harness.
1903 (T&M Register) Thomas Blake & Son (occupier until 1910)
1911 (T&M Register) James Blake (occupier until ?1914)
1914 (CL) James Blake. [Saddlers were Mr Spreadbury and Mr Lye]
1915 (T&M Register) Martha Gresham (occupier until 1918)
1918 (Reconveyance of 16 BS] Refers to 15HS as "Mrs Gresham, trading as Blake & Son".
1919 (T&M Register) Leslie H Gresham (occupier until ?1923)
1920 (Kelly) James Blake & Son, saddler and harness makers. Photograph shows "Established 1832". Also sold garden tools and sports goods.
1920-32? ("Jock" Rolfe, 1983) Greshams, saddlers (i.e Blake's) moved to 3 HS (now Tutti Pole).

1924 (T&M Register) Molly Thompson Powell (occupier)

1932 (QR) Miss Molly Thompson Powell for "House formerly Viner's afterwards Browns then John Platt", q.r. 6d.
Undated (T&M Register) Molly Powell (owner)
1934 (Deeds) Miss M.T. Powell – permission to enclose a small piece of ground, part of Borden Carriage.
1939 (Blacket's) Miss Powell
1939-60 (Kelly) Miss M.T. Powell. Later she moved to Eddington
1947-1956 (CL) Miss Molly Thompson Powell

1960-63 Mr & Mrs Richard Dartford - antiques
1963 (CL) Richard Dartford

<1968 (T&M Register) Peter Foyle Hunwick & Jacqueline Foyle Hunwick (owners)
1963 Mrs Jacqueline Hunwick – Antiques (Malthouse Antiques)

1968 (T&M Register) Jacqueline Foyle Hunwick (occupier until 1969)
1968 (CL) Jacqueline Foyle Hunwick (Malthouse Antiques)
1970 (CL) Peter Foyle Hunwick (son of Jacqueline) (Malthouse Antiques)
1970 (T&M Register) Peter Foyle Hunwick (occupier)
1976 (CL) Peter Foyle Hunwick (Malthouse Antiques)
?1978 Peter Hunwick (later married Tania), antiques.
1979 (T&M Register) Peter Foyle Hunwick (owner)
1983 (CL) Peter Foyle Hunwick (Malthouse Antiques)
1984 (CL) Peter Foyle Hunwick
1985 (CL) Peter Foyle Hunwick
1988 The Old Malthouse (P F Hunwick) "Quality stocks of early 18th and 19th century walnut and mahogany furniture, clocks, barometers and metalware".
2000 (CL) Tania Hunwick
2005 (CL) Tania Hunwick
Sep 2008 Malthouse Antiques closed to business.

Aug 2009 William Cook Antiques opened
2011 (CL) Void
2016 (Hunwick) Peter Hunwick (owner);
2016 (CL) ...

Notes from Norman Hidden's papers:

Richard Sare's will 1734 (prob Dean of Sarum 1737)

A series of wills in the Sare family during the late 17th and early 18th centuries indicate their property holdings in the main street of Hungerford. These comprised "Hell House" connected with the bakery business; a freehold messuage and malthouse on the East side of High Street, together with a leasehold messuage adjoining it left by Joseph Sare, maltster, to his widow Mary (1714) and after her to his brother Richard. This freehold messuage has granaries, screening house, kiln etc. and is in the occupation of Mary Sare sister-in-law to Richard Sare who leaves it in his will (1737) to his wife Eleanor. It adjoins on its N. side to the house of James Pearson gent. He also bequeathed with this the leasehold messuage which adjoined on its N. side to the freehold messuage, with a granary and a malthouse, also in the occupation of Mary Sare; this leasehold had been leased from James Simkins now deceased and was determinable on certain lives.

This account, drawn from the two wills in 1714 and 1737, corresponds with the siting of the property in the town rent roll of 1753 where (reading from the South upwards) we have: Mrs Pearson; followed by John Forty "late widow Sare's": then Essex Bell, house and malthouse. The freehold house is described, quite properly, as "late widow Sare's"; and the leasehold house adjoining on the N. side is identified by its association with the malthouse.

These two adjoining properties seem to be present day No 103 (I think 104 HS – HLP) High St. (the malthouse occ. by Essex Bell in 1753), and Nos 104 and 105-6 (just 105-106 HS q.v. – HLP) (the freehold adjoining James Pearson's house in 1737 and widow Pearson in 1753).

In addition, Richard Sare, baker, left (1737) other properties to his wife Eleanor:

(a) all that messuage wherein he now dwells to her and then after her death to his son Joseph (except 2 tens and 2 gardens in occ. of Thos Pearce als Noon and John Webb which are left to her solely.

(b) a mess, on E. side of High St. between a mess of Ju. Wyneat on N. and Thos Lydiard on S. This mess, has malthouse, outhouses, and garden. It is at present occ. by John Chalk aid Hugh Cooper. With it is 4a. of lands (2 a Everlong, 1 a. Breach, 1 yard Middlefield).

In 1753 John Whynealt has two houses, in position equivalent to present day nos 18 and 19 Bridge St.: the S. most of these (no18) is followed by a house attributed in the rent roll to Isaac Walker (present day no.16) and this is followed by Thos. Liddiard's house (no.15). It is no, 15 which today describes itself as Old Malthouse Antiques (Liddiard was a maltster). The deeds of no.15 refer to the house of Richard Sare on the north (no16), previously Richard King and later (1766) of Elizabeth Wallis, previously Richard Sare.