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The Hungerford Town Band is a thriving and successful band. Its roots go back more than 140 years.

The possibility of setting up a Brass Band was first made in the winter of 1876-77 when a subscription was made to provide the instruments necessary.

Hungerford had previously been reliant on the bands from neighbouring towns and villages for providing the "enlivening strains as are thought indispensable at Club Anniversaries and other such festivities".

Several local people made donations, including Mr Cherry, who donated £3 of the £17 total. This sum allowed the purchase of "2 Cornets, a Tenor, an Euphonium, a Baritone and a Bombardon. To these instruments, the tones of which it is to be hoped are more euphonius than their names, it is desired to add another Baritone, Euphonium and Cornet at an additional cost of £6; and in process of time a Drum." Further donations were invited.

Hungerford Town Band is mentioned in The Hungerford and Marlborough Times in 1885 as having played at sports events in the Church Croft.

At a meeting on 5 Jul 1911 in the Plume Hotel, it was decided to form a band of all wind instruments. (It is likely that the earlier band had a variety of other instruments as well).

At this meeting, Mr Joseph Vincent was elected bandmaster and a committee was formed. The committee met just one week later to discuss the quotations received for instruments. and accepted Hawkes and Sons for £60.0.0 (£57.10.0 for cash!).

On 31 Jul 1911, Miss Mary Sawbridge handed each member the instrument he was to play, and the Constable, Mr Allright, was elected president at a very happy gathering in the Corn Exchange.

The band prospered and, in 1914, a balance of £7.17.10 was in hand at the annual general meeting.

On 2 Dec 1915, owing to so many men enlisting for War Service, the bandmaster proposed that all band property should be handed in at the town hall and stored there for the duration of hostilities.

Mr Crosby Bull was elected bandmaster in 1945, and the band made regular appearances in The Croft and the football grounds.

During this time, young learners were being infiltrated into the main band so that, by the 1960s, four or five contests a year were entered.

The late 1960s saw the demise of several local bands and, although Hungerford had a lean period, it always managed to turn out at Christmas and Constable's Sunday, albeit with help on occasions.

The committee decided in 1972 that a new format was needed and, to this end, many youngsters were recruited and a youth band formed under the direction of Mr Michael Thomas Raven. This band was able to lead the youth parade of 3,500 young people at _Windsor for the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.

The band went from high to low at the beginning of the 1980s, but continuity was assured by some of the older players teaching some enthusiastic learners of all ages. A nucleus was there and the post of musical director was advertised, and a new set of instruments was purchased. After a lot of hard work from the players, the band was again established as part of the town.

After the musical director left, the existing players resolved to continue with new impetus.

A professional conductor was appointed. Mr Tim Crouter has built the playing quality of all members to a high standard.

It is said that at times the Town Band took the form of a wind band and a military band, but the Town Band is again a brass band.

During the 140+ years history, the Town Band has been central to life in Hungerford and has performed regularly at important community occasions.

At a reunion of past members of the Band in c2004, one of the more senior past members recalled that his first public performance with the Band was at Hungerford Railway Station welcoming home troops from the Second World War.

The records show that the involvement of local youngsters in the Band has been a significant feature for many years. Indeed in 1977, the youth band from Hungerford was selected to lead a parade in Windsor Great Park in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. There is a separate junior band that meets once a week for tuition and rehearsal and it gives regular public performances.

Further insight into the Youth band can be seen in a letter from the President, Robert James, promoting the annual Christmas Concert in Dec 1978.

The senior band is one of the leading brass bands in the region and has 1st Section status in the Wessex Brass Band Association and 3rd Section status nationally.

In 2002 the Band was successful in reaching the finals of the National Brass Band Championships in Torquay.

To underpin its success the Band produced its first CD in 2001 and a second CD was recorded 2004.

The Musical Director is Mr Tim Crouter.

Photo Gallery:

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19120000 Brass ...
19120000 Brass and Reed Band (Parsons) 19120000 Brass and Reed Band (Parsons)

- Thought to be a group photo including members of the Hungerford Brass Band, c1905. [A Parsons, Church St, Hungerford]

- The Hungerford Town Brass and Reed Band, 1912. These two photographs show the Town Band at Denford Park on the occasion of their first concert with new instruments. The then owner of the house, Captain Sawbridge (standing in the formal group in the back row, just to the left of centre), had loaned the finance to purchase the instruments, music and music pouches. [A Parsons, Hungerford]

- Hungerford Town Brass and Reed Band outside Denford Park, 1912 (A Parsons)

- Hungerford Town Band Dinner, 1913 [Parsons]

- Hungerford Town Band outside the Fire Statiom, Charnham Street c1925 [Mapson]

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