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Brian Ham kindly sent some further information on 105 High Street (in May 2011):

We have an architect's drawing dated August 1928 referring to a pair of cottages belonging to Mr Gow made by W Stephenson Raine, Architect and Surveyor, Hungerford.

Bonnie believes that at this time the cottages were derelict.

Picture 105 shows the ground floor at that time.

Picture 1053 shows the upper floor at that time.

Note the Cow passage passing through the right hand cottage, although the present cow shed belonged to 106, and none was shown on the plan for 105.

There were however 2 outhouses which are now in the garden of 104.

At that time the garden still extended up to Fairview Road.

As far as we know the cottages were modified to picture 1051 which is how the ground floor is today.

It is possible that at this time the whole of the front of 105 and 106 was reskinned in brick, as there is no trace of blocked up doorways as there is at the back of the houses.

A fire in bedroom two of the left hand cottage destroyed the floor and possibly the roof. The bedroom was never replaced so we have the double storied Great Hall as Ed Sackville calls it. So the upstairs looks like 1054.

Looking at the roofs at the back, it appears that the properties were originally only one room deep. The extensions were made later and the reason the right hand extension is shorter than the left is because there is a well immediately outside the window.

The well is half round and the other half is under the floor of what is now the television room.

Note that there is no sign of the larder which connects 105 to 106 (in fact in places the two houses overlap!).

Note how the third dormer from the right (Attic 3 of 105) is over the right hand window of the front lounge of 106.

Photo Gallery:


Fig 105 - Ground floor plan 1928

105 105

Fig 1051 - Ground floor plan 2011

1051 1051

Fig 105 - First floor plan 1928

1053 1053

Fig 1051 - First floor plan 2011

1054 1054

- Fig 105 - Ground floor plan 1928

- Fig 105 - First floor plan 1928

- Fig 1051 - Ground floor plan 2011

- Fig 1051 - First floor plan 2011