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In May 2011 Brian Ham kindly contacted the Virtual Museum regarding some interesting discoveries whilst doing some renovation work at 105 High Street.

Behind a chimney breast he found three small folded documents (shown in the Photo Gallery):

A bill for Mr Joyce from Usher & Cole, 1866:

London, Oct 24th 1866
Mr Joyce, On Appro

Usher & Cole, Chronometer and Watch Manufacturers, 45 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, EC

12245 4 Hole Hunter over spring £4 10s 0d
12253 2 Hole Hunter under spring £4 10s 0d
11450 Vecy open face £2 10s 0d

Appointment Note from Martin & Bishop, 1866:

London Nov 9th 1866, 20 Bunhill Row

Martin & Bishop, Watch Manufacturers, respectfully beg to inform you they intend Mr Bishop to have the pleasure of waiting upon you on or about the 12th Inst when your favours will be highly esteemed, and receive their best attention.

To Mr C Joyce

(Reverse not yet deciphered, possibly
Glass rings
Bottle Verge

(Martin & Bishop were Watch Manufacturers at 20 Bunhill Row, Moorgate, London during the 1860s.

Printed bag from Daniel Allen, Grocers at 16 High Street in the 1860s and 1870s:

D. Allen

Tea, Grocery, Cheese, Butter and Bacon Factor

High Street

Dealer in Foreign and British Wines

More about "Mr C. Joyce":

Mr C. Joyce was Caleb Joyce, a professional clock and watch maker. He had lived and worked in East Ilsley, Lambourn and Ramsbury before moving to 105 High Street c1868. He stayed here for only about three years before moving on again to Speenhamland, Newbury. For more see Clock and watchmakers.

Photo Gallery:


Bill from Usher & Cole, Oct 1866

joyce1 joyce1

Bill from Usher & Cole, Oct 1866

joyce2 joyce2

Bag from D. Allen, Grocers, High Street, c1866

joyce3 joyce3

- Bill from Usher & Cole, Oct 1866

- Bill from Usher & Cole, Oct 1866

- Bag from D. Allen, Grocers, High Street, c1866

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