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Earliest information: 1676
Original estate: ?Chantry of Holy Trinity (see NH papers on 103 (?should be 104) HS)
Common Rights? Yes (100 & 102 HS; frontage 51ft. Each 1 horse or 2 cows)
Date of current building: Late 18th century?
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

A "double" burgage plot (quit rent 8d), of two properties, with adjacent arched passage also now part blocked for residential use. 99 High Street is a dwelling at the rear of 102 High Street.

Description of property:

There is curious confusion regarding the (1984) listing of these buildings:

100/101: From Listed Building records (EH ID: 395773): House, formerly two houses. Late 18th century. Tiled roof, red brick walls with grey brick band at first floor cill level. Two storeys. One 4-light casement with cambered head at first floor over wide rubbed brick arch with keystone, now filled, 5-panel door with rectangular fanlight to left and vehicle door to right.

102: From Listed Building records (EH 395774): House. 19th century. Tiled roof, 20th century tiles, three chimneys to rear slope, walls brick grey headers and red dressings and rubbed arches, stone cill band at first floor, plinth. Two storeys. Three glazing bar sashes with moulded exposed frames, alternating with blank panels. Ground floor: three wide glazing bar sashes alternating with 6-panel doors, the righthand of which has rectangular fanlight, flat hood on cut brackets and thin pilasters.

However, the description for "102" clearly is of 101/102, and that titled "100/101" curiously re-describes the main building, but also covers the later southerly building, with the filled-in wide brick arch. These descriptions need clarifying! When viewed from the rear, 101 occupied the two southerly bays and 102 occupies the remaining bay to the north, separated by a party wall.

Photo Gallery:

p3030919 p3030919
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Mineral Water
Mineral Water Mineral Water
19450600 100 hs
19450600 100 hs 19450600 100 hs
19410814 freder...
19410814 frederick  annie macklins headstone 19410814 frederick  annie macklins headstone
19200000ca fred...
19200000ca fred macklin  family 19200000ca fred macklin  family

- 100-102 High Street, Feb 2007

- Champ & Sons, Mineral Water Works, 100 High Street, c1900. (By kind permission of Astra West, nee Champ, 2012)

- Labelled: "G Garlick, Pro Wiggins & Champ, Dec 1887 to 11 Jun 1893". The painted wagon includes "Ginger Bear, Ginger Ale, Lemonade" and ?"William Champ, Hungerford, Berks". (By kind permission of Astra West, nee Champ, 2012)

- Stoneware bottle from "Champ & Son, Brewed Ginger Beer and Mineral Water Manufactory"

- High Street, c1905

- Frederick Macklin and his family, undated, c1920. (Kindly sent by Andrew Macey)

- Frederick & Annie Macklin's headstone.(Kindly sent by Andrew Macey)

- Alfred and Edith Macklin with one of the 101st US Airborne Div.soldiers billeted with them prior to D-Day, Jun 1945, outside the entrance to Macklin's Dairy "Established 1884" (kindly sent by Andrew Macey)


1676 (NH QR) ?Thomas Pollerne q.r. 8d. (The name Thomas is clear on the photocopy of the 1676 QRR but the surname is blurred and may not be Pollerne. The surname may be better discernible on the original document at the BRO. None of the 3 Pollerne wills of the period mention a Thomas as a relative. On further study of the photocopy the name might be Thomas Clare, but I have no other record of such a person in Hungerford at this time.)

1680 (NH HCB) ?William Rosier. (I have not found the name of a suitable freeholder for this property in the HCB lists. There are both Chantry and Hungerford Engleford properties in this location, so it-may have been a leasehold.)

1753-61 (QR) Thomas Woodroffe for his house, q.r. 8d.
1774-1790 (QR) Thomas Woodroffe amended to Robert Smith for house, q.r. 8d

Robert Smith, 1795-c1823:

It seems that Thomas Woodroffe sold the house by auction at The Three Swans Inn on Wed 6th May 1795. See advert in Reading Mercury, 27 April 1795. Full description of the property is given. It was evidently bought by the sitting tenant, Robert Smith. Robert Smith was a plumber, glazier and painter. 

1795-1804 (QR) Robert Smith for house late Young's, q.r. 8d.
1800 Robert Smith was Agent for the British Fire Office.
1805-17 (QR) Robert Smith for house late Young's, q.r. 8d.
1819 (EA) Smith
1818-23 (QR) Robert Smith for house late Young's, amended to: William Beckingham, q.r. 8d.

1832 (QR) William Beckingham for house late Robert Smith, q.r. 8d.
1836 (QR) William Beckingham for house late Robert Smith's, q.r. 8d.
1847 (CL) William Beckingham (own); himself and Thomas Jelfs (occ)
1851 (CS) William Beckingham (62), plumber.
1861 (CL) William Beckingham (deleted) (own); A.W. Holden-Beckingham (deleted) (occ)

Sometime around 1860 the property appears to have been split into three separate dwellings, 99, 100/101, and 102.

99 High Street:

This building, at the rear of 102 High Street, is said (by Mr Andrew Macey, May 2016) to have originally been a "gig house". At some stage the space between the rear of 102 and 99 HS was infilled with a toilet and boiler house. Access was through the main archway to the right of 100 HS.

Andrew Macey understands (May 2016) that Noah Fishlock used to live here. Noah Fishlock was head driver at The Three Swans. Read more about him uner Hungerford 1900-1918 (by Barbara Hope, nee Astley, written c1992). Noah and Eliza's son, William Noah Fishlock, was killed in the First World War, 1916.

1943 (T&M Register) N. Fishlock.

No. 100/101 High Street:

Andrew Macey (May 2016) says that "99-102 High Street was originally the home of my great-grandparents, Fredrick and Annie Macklin, then my grandparents, Alfred and Edith Macklin, then my parents, Donald and Joan Macey (nee Macklin), then myself and my sister ( sadly deceased) and now my children." "The Dairy was founded in 1884"

1884 (Andrew Macey) The Dairy started (see Photo Gallery)

It appears that Frederick Macklin (born 1861, from Little Bedwyn) took a lease on 89 High Street in 1888. I think he occupied 89 High Street until 1926, when it would appear that he bought 100 High Street frrom the Champs?

1896 (CL) William Champ (Champs and Macklin dairy) (Champs Mineral Water works were to the rear (east of) 99 High Street).
1902 (T&M Register) William Champ (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) William Camp (occupier until ?1914)
1914 (CL) William Champ

1915 (T&M Register) Anne Champ (occupier until ?1921)

1922 (T&M Register) Henry John Champ (occupier until 1925)

Undated (T&M Register) Frederick Macklin (owner)

1925 (T&M Register) Alfred Macklin (occupier until ?1967)
c.1932 (QR #32 with ?102 HS) Mr. Macklin for "House formerly Young's then Robert Smiths then Wm Beckingham", q.r. 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) "100 & 101": A. Macklin, county dairy

Alf Macklin used a 4.5hp Ruston Hornsby engine to power various pieces of equipment at the dairy, such as power saw and lathe. In the winter of 2020-21 Andrew Macey managed to get the Ruston Hornsby engine to work - and you can see it, hear it, and learn more about the engine by clicking Alfred Macklin's "injun" - a 4.5hp Ruston Hornsby.

1947-1963 (CL) Alfred Macklin

Undated (T&M Register) Edith Macklin (owner until 1974)

Andrew Macey found (May 2016) "the plans which were drawn up for my great-grandfather for the cow sheds which were built at the very top of the garden and where I used to play as a boy. These are beautifully drawn on a type of vellum parchment and were enclosed in in a tube made out of an old linen map. Unfortunately they are not dated. When my parents stopped working abroad and came back to Hungerford they sold off the disused cow sheds and there is now a bungalow there (17 Fairview Road). Prior to that the meadow beyond had been sold and is now called Macklin Close."

1968-1970 (CL) Edith Alice Macklin
1968 (T&M Register) Edith A Macklin (occupier until 1974)
1975 (T&M Register) Executors of Edith Macklin (owners)

1975(T&M Register) Donald Macey (occupier)
1976 (T&M Register) Lt Col Donald Macey & Joan Ivy Muriel Macey (owners)
1976-2007 (CL) Donald Macey
2011 (CL) Void due to non-residence
2016 (CL) Void due to non-residence

No. 102 High Street:

1896 (CL) William Champ (own); George Winterbourne (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) William Champ (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) George Phelps (occupier until ?1905)
1906 (T&M Register) William Clarke Mapson (occupier until ?1912)
1913 (T&M Register) Stephen Owen New (occupier until ?1917)
1914 (CL) William Champ (own); Stephen Owen New (occ)
1918 (T&M Register) Augustus Mills (occupier until ?1921)
1922 (T&M Register) Walter Herbert Champ (occupier until ?1928)

1929 (T&M Register) Arthur F Tritton (occupier until ?1930)
1931 (T&M Register) John Smith (occupier)
c.1932 (QR #32 with ?100 HS) Mr. Tritton for "House formerly Young's then Robert Smiths then Wm Beckingham", q.r. 4d.
1932 (T&M Register) Patrick A Tritton (owner, & occupier until ?1938))

1939 (T&M Register) John Smith (occupier)
1939 (Blacket's) J. Smith
1947 (CL) John Smith

1948 (Andrew Macey) The Macklins bought 102 from John Smith? The Macklin/Macey family have always known the property as "Smith's" ever since.
1952-1956 (CL) John Smith
<1968 (T&M Register) Edith A Macklin (owner until 1974)
1963-1976 (CL) Void
1975 (T&M Register) Executors of Edith A Macklin

1976 (T&M Register) Lt Col Donald Macey & Joan Ivy Muriel Macey (owners)

1983 (CL) Andrew Charles Macey
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void
2000 (CL) Void
2005 (CL) Void
2007 (Donald Macey)
2011 (CL) Void due to non-residence
2016 (CL) Void due to non-residence

May 2019 Sold (5-bed terrace).

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