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The property history is unclear here. The 1932 QR gives Mr. Giles (for house formerly Thomas Rosier's), and we know Harry Giles the carrier was in 43 HS, but appears also to give Mr. L. Clifford (amended to W. Neale) for house formerly Cannon's then Westall's afterwards Edward Dismore.


Earliest information: 1552
Original estate Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary
Common Rights? Yes (43 and 44; each 1 horse or 2 cows)
Date of current building:
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

Cannon -> Shipton -> Westall -> Dismore -> Rosier -> Giles (carrier)

Description of property:

Three-bay, three storey blue brick under slate roof.

Photo Gallery:

p2250889 p2250889
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- 43-44 High Street, Feb 2007

- HarryGiles, the Carrier, c1910. Harry is holding the whip. Seated with his is ?Bob Newhook. Holding the horse is Percy Giles, Harry's brother.


1552 (NH) ?BVM +2a late occ John Hendred now Chris Overton, q.r. 4d?

1573 (NH) (Survey - Chantry) T. Penny (chantry +2 acres in Middlefield), q.r. 4d.

1598 (NH) (Deeds) Lucy Penny

1609 (NH) (Survey) John Hiller (chantry +2 acres), q.r. 4d.

1676 (NH) (QR) Richard Cannon, q.r. 4d.

1753 (NH) (QR) James Shipton, q.r. 4d. [H/ZQ/1-6: c.1751/6: "the house, once Hellier's, is now Mr Shipton's; John Cannon the occupier". But the documents seem to refer mainly to property in Charnham Street?]
1774 (NH) (QR) Shipton, q.r. 4d.
1795-1805 (NH) (QR) James Shipton, late Cannon, q.r. 4d.

1805 (NH) (QR) Joseph Westall, late Cannon, q.r. 4d.

1818 (NH) (QR) Joseph Westall (amended to Edward Dismore), late Cannon, q.r. 4d.
1819 (EA) 44: "Westall"
1832 (NH) (QR) Edward Dismore, late Westall, q.r. 4d.
1836 (QR) 44: Edward Dismore for a house late Joseph Westall's [post-master 1809-35], q.r. 4d.

1847 (CL) 43: Thomas Rosier (owner and occupant)
1851 (CS) Thomas Rosier (51), plumber and painter.
- ?William Rosier (61), farm labourer
1861 (CL) 43: Thomas Rosier (owner and occupant)

1867 (NH) (D/P 71) Describes "Schoolmaster's House adjoining National School on west side of High Street and extending to Back Lane on west (i.e. 41 HS), and on north dwelling house owned by Mrs Townsend and occupied by Fred Rosier (i.e. 40 HS), on south dwelling house owned by George Rosier and occupied by him (i.e. 43-44 HS).

43 High Street:

1896 (CL) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (own); William Alfred Giles [carrier] (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) William Alfred Giles (occupier until ?1918)
1914 (CL) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (own); William Alfred Giles (occ)
1919 (T&M Register) Mrs Gikles (occupier until ?1926)
1927 (T&M Register) Harry Willie Giles (occupier until ?1967)
1932 (QR) Mr Giles (amended to Mrs Gregory) for "House formerly Thomas Rosier's", q.r. 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) H.W. Giles, coal merchant. It is possible that 43 High Street was where Harry's parents lived?
1947 (CL) Harry Willie Giles
1952 (CL) Harry Willie Giles
1956 (CL) Harry Willie Giles
1963 (CL) Harry Willie Giles

1968 (CL) Void

1968 (T&M Register) Peter Douglas Walter (owner)
1970 (T&M Register) Peter Douglas Walter (occupier until 1972)
1970 (CL) Peter Walter

1976 (CL) 43: Void

1979 Plenty Health Foods

1978 Paperback Book Exchange Centre

1983 (CL) Void
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void

1993 43a: Liliput Childrens Clothes (0-5 year olds): closed and empty
- 43: The Second Hand Shop, recently opened

??1996 43 & 43a: Became Moonlight Indian Restaurant
2000 (CL) Void
2005 (CL) Void
2007 Moonlight Indian Restaurant
2011 (CL) Void

44 High Street:

1896 (CL) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (own); Arthur Salt (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Arthur Salt (occupier until ?1908)
1909 (T&M Register) Frederick H J Baker (occupier until ?1910)
1911 (T&M Register) Frederick Henry Adams (occupier until ?1912)
1913 (T&M Register) ..?.. Mann (occupier)
1914 (T&M register) Arthur Francis Robert Rogers (occupier until ?1919)
1914 (CL) Eleanor Caroline Gregory (own); Arthur Francis R. Rogers (occ)
1920 (T&M Register) Harry Willie Giles (occupier until ?1926)
1927 (T&M Register) John Samuel Collins (occupier)
1928 (T&M Register) Harry Mander (occupier)
1929 (T&M Register) Frederick G Freeman (occupier until ?1932)

1932 (QR) Mr L. Clifford (amended to Mr W. Neale) "House formerly Cannon's then Westalls afterwards Edward Dismore", q.r. 4d.

1933 (T&M Register) Alfred Palmer (occupier until ?1934)
1935 (T&M Register) Kenneth Douglas Watson (occupier)
1936 (T&M Register) Frederick John Denness (occupier until ?1945)

1939 (Blacket's) F.J. Denness, classic footwear
1946 (T&M Register) Rosson Fry (occupier until ?1968)
1947 (CL) Frederick John Denness

1952 (CL) Gordon Leonard Stewart Andrews

See: Advert for G. Andrews, 44 High Street, May 1954

1956 (CL) Gordon Leonard Stewart Andrews

1963 (CL) Peter Douglas Walters

1968 (T&M Register) Fry's Fisheries Ltd (owner until 1976)
1968 (T&M Register) Christopher James Fry (occupier until 1976)

1970 (CL) Michael Hawes Fry
1976 (CL) Michael Hawes Fry (deleted) Void
1977 (T&M Register) Clive Fry (owner)

1979 Geoff's fish & chips
1978 Geoff's Fish & Chips
1983 (CL) Clive Mervyn Fry
1984 (CL) Clive Mervyn Fry
1985 (CL) Clive Mervyn Fry
1993 Mr Fry's fish & chip shop
2000 (CL) Clive Fry
2005 (CL) Void
2007 Mr Fry's fish & chip shop
2011 (CL) Void

See also:

- 21 Charnham Street (for a picture of WH Giles later vehicle)

Advert for G. Andrews, 44 High Street, May 1954