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Earliest information: <1470
Original estate: ?Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 47ft + 20ft = 67ft; 4 horses or 8 cows)
Date of current building: 18th century, with late 19th century re-fronting (confirmed from photographic evidence).
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

This property was the family home and practice of the three generations of doctors in the town - Drs. Barker. In the late 1920s Ernest James bought it and built a large seed and corn mill in the grounds. This was completely destroyed by fire in June 1960. Now used by estate agents and a variety of other professionals.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now offices. 18th century, with 20th century front. Slate roof, modillion eaves cornice, red brick front with stone moulded architraves and channelled quoins, band at first floor and top of plinth. Three storeys. Three glazing bar sashes, central door under stone portico of two Doric columns and pilasters, frieze with triglyphe and moulded cornice. Interior: 18th century panelling and staircase to hall and ground floor rooms.

Photo Gallery:

uhs-008 c1935
uhs-008 c1935 uhs-008 c1935
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p1280840 p1280840
19941000 Paul B...
19941000 Paul Burrough at 19 High Street 19941000 Paul Burrough at 19 High Street

- 19 High Street, Kennet House, Apr 2010

- 19 High Street, Kennet House, c1933

- Paul Burrough and Gardner Leader at 19 High Street, Oct 1994.

- 19 High Street, Kennet House, Jan 2007


<1470 Sir Walter Hungerford, previously Walter Farley.

c1470 (NH) Robert Tukhyll junior. 1¼ burgage late Sir Walter Hungerford, previously Walter Farley q.r. 10d (+ in Sandon Fee, John Tuckhyll holds certain lands in Sandon called Farleys late Sir Walter Hungerford 6s 8d). These two holdings, both in the Tuckhyll family and both deriving via Hungerford from Farley, have a combined q.r. of 7s 4d.

1552 (NH) John Clydesdale holds 1 tenement with a parcel of land called Farleys land late in tenure of Thomas Togell and now in tenure of William Cannye, q.r. 7s 4d. [Cannye is not a name which occurs elsewhere in Hungerford, but a William Cannon, King's tenant (i.e. not a freeholder) is listed in the 1552 muster]

1573 (NH) Ralph Hatt is tenant by indenture to Thomas Hidden als Cliddesdale of 1 tenement, garden, backside, with 1 ½ acres meadow in Woodmarsh, ½ acre pasture in Church Croft, 33 acres of arable in Sandon Fee (viz. 16 acres in the Breach, 5 ½ acres in Home Field, 5 ½ acres in Middle Field, 2 acres in Pidden, and 4 acres in Westbrooks, q.r. 7s 4d.

1609 (NH) Thomas Cannon holds from John Hidden als Clidsdale 1 tenement and backside, with 1 ½ acres of meadow in the Woodmarsh, ½ acre pasture in the Church Croft and 30 acres arable, q.r. 7s 6d.

1617 (NH) Hocktide Court Book: John Clidesdale -> John Austin

1616 (NH) F of F (Berks) 14 Jas I Mich.: where the property is described as a messuage, garden, orchard, with 24 acres land, 2 acres meadow, and common pasturage in Hungerford, Sandon Fee, and Woodmarsh.

1617 (NH) Will of John Austin of Shalbourne Eastcourt yeoman (7 Dec) probate 8 May 1618, bequeaths this and other property to his daughter Elizabeth. On 14 Jan 1617/18 Elizabeth married Vincent Smith junior in Hungerford by special licence.

1753-61 (QR) Mr John Sherwood for his house, q.r. 2s 6d And for his house late Webb's, q.r. 2d [=GWR]

1774-80 (QR) Thomas Knight for house late Sherwoods, q.r. 2s 6d And for his house late Webbs, q.r. 2d [=GWR].
1781 (CL) illegible, crossed out first entry ? Wm L…..
1795 Thomas Knight for house late Sherwoods 2s 6d And for his house late Webbs, q.r. 2d [=GWR].
1805 (QR) Peter Knight for house late Thomas Knight 2s 6d And for his house late Webbs, later James Hall, q.r. 2d [=GWR].

1807 (CL) James Hall for Mr. Knights House

1818 (QR) Peter Knight for house late Thomas Knight, 2s 6d. And for his house late Webbs, later Elizabeth Coxhead q.r. 2d [=GWR].
1819 (EA) Knight
1832-1836 (QR) Peter Knight for house late Thomas Knight
1841 (CS) John Lidderdale (60) Captain Army.
1847 (CL) Peter Knight (owner), Mrs. Lidderdale (occupier)

1847 Dr Richard Barker (wife Anne, and eight children). (Previously he had been in 104 HS then College House, 130 HS).
1851 (CS) Richard (Hemstead) Barker (41) MRCS, GP, Lic of Apothecary's Co. (son of Dr Richard Barker) (wife Elizabeth Ann and 8 children), moved from 130 HS to 19 HS. Practiced until his death in 1875. [See "The History of Medicine in Hungerford", by Dr Hugh Pihlens]
1861 (CL) Richard H. Barker.

1875 Dr Richard Henry Barker (son of Richard Hemstead Barker)
1861 (CL) Richard H. Barker
1861 (CS) Richard Barker (51) MRCS.
1871 (CS) Richard Hempstead Barker (61) MRCS & LSA, surgeon and General Practitioner.
1881 (CS) Elizabeth Barker (69) widow; Richard Barker – son (33) surgeon.
1896 (CL) Richard Henry Barker
1902 (T&M Register) Richard Henry Barker (owner)
1910 Richard Henry Barker retired from practice.
1914 (CL) Richard Henry Barker

1923 (T&M Register) Alfred Palmer Morewood (ocucpier until 1928)

Late 1920s Ernest Frank James (lived in flat above with his wife, James offices below). Later moved to west side of Salisbury Road (where Crooks are now [1985]) Ernest James had started milling in Chilton Mill c.1910, later moved to use the old Platt Brewery premises behind Manor House, before buying Kennet House in 1931.
1932 (T&M Register) Ernest Frank James (owner & occupier)
1932 "Great Western Mills" opened.
1932 (QR) James "house formerly Thomas Knight's afterwards Peter Knights", q.r. 6d.
1939 (Blacket's) E.F. James (James & Co.)
1947-56 (CL) Ernest Frank James, Kennet House.
22 June 1960 "Great Western Mills" destroyed by fire.

1963 (CL) Norman Ernest James, Kennet House
1968 (T&M Register) James & Co (Hungerford) Ltd (owners until 1971)
1968-1970 (CL) Void

c.1970 Ground floor premises became used by separate businesses

1972 (T&M Register) Alan Robert Putt (owner)
1973 (T&M Register) Alan Robert Putt (occupier)
1976-1983 (CL) Alan Robert Putt, Kennet House

North side:

1978 Kennet House – gifts

1983 Gardner Leader, solicitors

2004 Graham Pritchard, optician (north end of ground floor) (until Jan 2006)

May 2007 Edward Jones, IFA [American Investment Company]
End 2009 Edward Jones closed.

Mar 2010 Fare Wise Travel (moved from 115 High Street)

South side:

1978 Walter Hall and Partners – estate agents

1984 (CL) Alan Robert Putt
1985 (CL) Alan Robert Putt

1990 (CL) Burrough & Co, estate agents (Paul Burrough).
2000 (CL) Anthony Paul Burrough
2005 (CL) Anthony Paul Burrough

Jun 2006 Humberts Estate Agents. (Paul Burrough continued as consultant)
12.1.2009 Humberts closed the Hungerford branch – all business transferred to Marlborough branch.

Jul 2009 Russel Marshall (Estate Agent) moves here from 48c High Street.
2011 (CL) Anthony Paul Burrough

1 Church Street:

2003 Creative Toy Den opened 19 July (Carnival Day!).

See Opening advert, The Adviser, 18 Jul 2003

See "Toy shop takes off", NWN 19 Feb 2004