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Alfred Lane is recorded in the census of 1871 as "hairdresser and photographer", aged 34 years, and living at 4 Bridge Street.

There is an Alfred Lane (26 yrs), hairdresser, recorded in the 1861 census (#39) at 14 High Street, along with his wife Maria (27) and two sons, Alfred and Henry. This may be the same person, despite the apparent mis-match of ages.

There is a description (?source) of a horse, frightened by some noise, bolted. The shaft of the attached cart smashed through the window of Mr Lane's hairdresser's shop (4 Bridge Street), and destroyed the stock.

The Victoria & Albert Museum Photograpic Collection (in Mar 2021) holds one CDV by Alfred Lane (Hungerford), and three further CDVs which appear wrongly indexed as they are by Gustav Georg Lange, of Darmstadt or Hesse. They are all described as "Photographed 1860-69". The Alfred Lane item is a carte-de-visite depicting a portrait of two girls. The girl on the right is seated on a wooden chair and the girl on the left is standing. They are both wearing short sleeve dresses. The CDV is described as an albumen photograph mounted on card. On the back is printed: 'ALFRED LANE, / Photographer, / Hungerford / Patronized by H.R.H. / THE PRINCE OF WALES.' (Printed on verso, as part of logo.). On the front is handwritten in pencil 'E.E. Ellen'.

Another CDV by Alfred Lane was kindly sent by Patsy Styles in Mar 2021. Interestingly, the lady in this CDV appears to be the same lady who is pictured in the CDV of a studio portrait of an unknown mother and child. Perhaps this is his wife?

It is interesting that he was able to make use of the Prince of Wales Feathers, as he was "Patronised by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales" (clearly in his role as photographer). In the 1860s or 1870s this would have been Edward, later Edward VII, but why would the Prince of Wales have patronised Alfred Lane in Hungerford for photographs? If you can help, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Nothing further is yet known of this very early Hungerford photographer, but the business was taken over by William Softley Parry in 1877.

However, in c.1898 Alfred Lane advertised (in the NWN) that he was an Authorised Agent for Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines at his "Photographic and Fancy Repository, Hungerford", where he also sold stationery. He also ran a hair-dressing business in Northbrook Street Newbury.

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- Carte de visite of a studio portrait of an unknown mother and child, c1875 [Alfred Lane]

- Carte de visite of lady standing at a writing desk [Alfred Lane] (Sent by Patsy Styles)

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- Advert for Alfred Lane, Sewing Machines and Photographic, NWN c.1898.