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Jack Charles Williams was born 2 Nov 1928 in Ramsbury. For much of his life he lived in Chilton Foliat, but moved to Hungerford in 1938.

He has devoted himself to the service of the community of Hungerford. He has served on so many committees, and was Mayor of Hungerford on several occasions.

He had close associations with Fire Service, Trustee of the Town and Manor of Hungerford, the John of Gaunt School, the Twinning Association, the Friends of Hungerford Surgery, the Hungerford Historical Association as well as his work on the Town Council.

He was awarded the Hungerford "Citizen of the Century" in 2000, his biography "A Man of Hungerford" was published in 2002.

He spoke on many occasions at the Hocktide luncheon, and his speech he gave on 21 Apr 2009 to propose the Toast to the Town and Manor of Hungerford and the Liberty of Sanden Fee was recorded by Andrew Macey on 6 Jul 2011. Follow this to hear Jack Williams [15 mins].

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Jack Williams
Jack Williams Jack Williams

- Jack Williams was awarded the British Empire Medal "for services to the community in Hungerford" in the Queen's New Year's Honours List Jan 2015. [NWN 8 Jan 2015]

Record of Public Service:

Jack has devoted himself to a life of public service for Hungeford. His many contributions include:

Methodist Church:
- A lifelong Methodist Treasurer and Steward of Chilton Foliat Methodist Church from 1951- 1993 when the church was closed. The site had been a church since 1797 and a new church was built which opened in 1932. His Grandfather Charles Liddiard, had been Steward and chief fund-raiser for this church. His father Charles Williams was organist for 60 years.
- Currently member Bridge Street Methodist Church.
- Last surviving Trustee of Bath Road Methodist Church (demolished 1971).

- Cricket: Represented Hungerford School 1940 v Newbury School cricket. 1940 - 1948 Newbury grammar School and Royal Navy.
- 1948 Hungerford Cricket Club. Captain 1953-1955, secretary 1952-1960, President 1982 - 2008 28 years, 60 years in total.
- Football: 1948 Hungerford Town Football Club played until 1959. Hungerford Cup Winner 1951.

Fire Brigade:
- 1951 Joined Hungerford Fire Brigade. His father had served since 1938. Jack was in front line Service between 1951 and 1973.
- The sale of the Bath Road fire station premises established the Fire Station Charity in 1973. He is currently Chairman of this Charity 1973-2012. Total service 61 years.

Town Council:
- 1955 first elected Hungerford Town Council. Councillor 1955-2000 (45 years).
- Chairman 1965-1969.
- Town Mayor 1978, 1981, 1990, 1991, and Millennium Town Mayor 1999 and 2000.
- 1970 Chairman Finance and General Purposes 1998, 28 years.
- Founded Mayor's Carol service 1978.
- Introduced Mayor's Chain of Office 1999. Privately sponsored, no cost to ratepayers.
- Town Council High Street Enhancement.
- Town Council, Chairman, Landscape Group.
- Town Council, Chairman, Trade and Industry 1954 -1990 (includes permission for development of Charnham Park, with resulting sale of meadows, long term financial security for Town and Manor, and renovation of Corn Exchange.
- Town Council Chairman, Footpath Committee 1970-1998, 28 years.

See: "Mayor's Parlour" - The Adviser, 23 Oct 1990.

Twinning Association:
- Founded Hungerford Twinning with Liguel 1980.

Trustee of the Town & Manor of Hungerford:
- Elected as trustee 1980-2012, 32 years.
- Commons Committee & Finance Committee member for 1980-2012.
- Arranged tree planting in the Croft 1990.
- Organised Millennium Tree Planting for the General Public 1999/2000.

Education and School Governor:
- Governor John O'Gaunt School 1976-1996, 20 years.
- Chairman of Governors 1981- 1996, 15 years.
- Planted Time Capsule beneath New swimming Pool.
- Chairman, Youth Centre Committee, Treasurer 1976-1990.

Other service:
- General Commissioner for Taxes, Newbury Division, 1973 - 2003 Retired at 75 years old.
- Trustee of the original Open Air Swimming Pool, originally JCW, Humphrey Hope, Phil Spackman.
- 1983 President of old Newburians Association. 1 year.
- First Treasurer of Friends of Hungerford Surgery 1994-1999.
- Founder Member of Prices Youth Business Trust for Berkshire 1990-1996, 300 businesses started.
- Chairman of Town Forum for pensioners 2002-2008. West Berkshire withdrew funding for the project.
- With Robert James Tercentenary Committee for Hungerford.
- Produced Community Play "The Hungerford Connection", which ran 6-10 Dec 1998 (300th anniversary of William of Orange's meeting at the Bear, 1688).
- 2000 - Awarded "Citizen of the Century".

Royal associations:
- Slept out on Oxford Street for the Queens' Coronation 1953.
- Official delegation Berkshire Fire Service to Windsor for funeral George VI.
- Visits to Buckingham Palace, St James' Palace, Highgrove, all by invitation.
- St Pauls, Official delegate for Memorial Service for firemen who lost their lives 1945-2000,
Princess Anne in attendance.

- 1951 - married Margaret Cox - Diamond Wedding 2011.
- Two sons Andrew and Richard- 4 grandchildren, Daniel, Luke, Sam and Megan.
- 1959-1960 Built own house. Moved in December 1960.

- "Welcome to Chilton" - a Handbook for Employees 1964.
- "Hungerford Walks" 1980.
- "Hungerford Parish & Town Council 100 years of Service" 1994.
- "A Man of Hungerford", 2000, Sponsored by the Town and Manor.

Jack Williams was awarded the British Empire Medal "for services to the community in Hungerford" in the Queen's New Year's Honours List Jan 2015. [see "Queen honours civic stalwart Jack Williams", NWN 8 Jan 2015]

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- "A Man of Hungerford", published May 2002

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- Jack Williams 15 min video of his speech given at the Hocktide Lunch on 21 Apr 2009, when he proposed the Toast to the Town and Manor of Hungerford and the Liberty of Sanden Fee. [Recorded by Andrew Macey, 6 Jul 2011]

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