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Dr Michael Rowlandson was recorded in Rev Tagg's c1970 list of Curates of Hungerford.

John Toman, author of two books on Francis Kilvert (1840-1879) the famous diarist emailed the Virtual Museum in Dec 2011 saying:

The Rev Francis Kilvert (1793-1863), uncle to Francis Kilvert (1840-1879) the famous diarist, was taught by Rowlandson.

Michael Edward Rowlandson was born in 1769.

He attended St Mary Hall, Oxford, an annexe of Oriel College, and was awarded M.A. in 1807.

He became Vicar of Warminster in 1808, and became Doctor of Divinity in 1818.

He married Rebecca Shrimpton.

He was Rector of Monkton Farleigh (Wilts) in 1819 while still Vicar of Warminster i.e. pluralist. He resigned the former post on 28 Jan 1824.

His obituary (Gentleman's Magazine, Oct 1824) states he was Vicar of Warminster when he died aged 55.

He had 13 children, almost all of whom went to India in various capacities, some military, most as merchants with East India Company.

His son John (born 1811) was appointed chaplain with the Company in 1840. His brother, Michael John (b.1804), was in the Madras Artillery and became a general.

I think that Dr. Rowlandson was an Evangelical, partly because uncle Francis Kilvert was and would have his education trusted to one of the same persuasion.

(With thanks to John Toman)

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