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Gerald Ward was a well-known and popular local man - part of the Ward family of Chilton Lodge. He died suddenly in September 2008.

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Chilton Monoplane
Chilton Monoplane
Chilton Monopla...
Chilton Monoplane Chilton Monoplane

- Gerald Ward with a Chilton Monoplane, taken at Folly Farm Air Show, 11th Sep 2008

Gerald Ward's death:

The following is from the report by Tom Peterkin 24th September 2008:

"Prince Harry's godfather Gerald Ward dies on golf course

Prince Harry's godfather Gerald Ward has died after suffering a heart attack at Sunningdale Golf Club. Mr Ward, 70, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, collapsed on the first tee of the famous course while taking part in a charity tournament.

An air ambulance flew to the scene but Mr Ward, a former army officer, was pronounced dead at Sunningdale, which is near his family estate at Hungerford, Berkshire. Mr Ward's playing partners abandoned their match, but other golfers continued to play saying that it was what the father-of-two would have wanted.

He was part of a foursome and had just driven when he fell clutching his chest. Golf club staff and other players attempted to resuscitate him, but it was too late.

News of his death was broken to the young prince after he had finished exercises with his Blues and Royals battalion.

Mr Ward had taken a close interest in his godson's military career and like Prince was an Old Etonian as well as a former officer in the Household Calvary.

Last year he criticised the MoD for releasing details of Prince Harry's aborted Iraq tour saying it was "naive" to "spell out the type of work he may do and the type of vehicles he may drive".

Mr Ward has moved in Royal circles for many years. He was with Prince Charles when he first met his second wife the then Camilla Shand in Annabel's nightclub in 1972.

At one time he was regarded as a suitable suitor for the Princess Royal. His second wife Amanda is now very friendly with the Duchess of Cornwall. With his wife, Mr Ward used to holiday with the Royal couple sharing a love of horses and country sports.

He leaves two daughters Sarah, 40, and Lucy, 38, from his first marriage to Rosalind."

Locally, Gerald Ward was well known for his involvement with community matters, both in Chilton Foliat and Hungerford. He was President of the Hungerford Historical Association, and a great supporter of Chilton Foliat Parish Church.

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