There have been many coal merchants in the town over the years. Notable amongst them are Alexander's and later Lewington's, shown in the Photo Gallery:

Photo Gallery:

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coal waggon 80 coal waggon 80
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19120000ca Alexander's Coal Merchants 19120000ca Alexander's Coal Merchants
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Alexander's wag...
Alexander's wagon model Alexander's wagon model

- Alexander's heavy coal wagon outside London & Provincial Stores (25 High Street), c1902. Bill Lewington on right; "Bogey" Heath from Eddington in the centre.
Alexander's horses were kept at the station yeard in those days. This picture was taken on early closing or Bank Holiday (the windows are shuttered, and the men in best clothes. It may have been in readiness for taking a childrens' outing to Savernake Forest? [A. Parsons, Hungerford]

- Four heavy wagons, including Lewington's (2nd from left) outside Parsons Photographic Studio, now 30 High Street, (date unknown)

- Another heavy wagon carrying coal, standing outside Parsons Photographic Studio, now 30 High Street, (date unknown). (Kindly supplied by Julia Radbourne)

- Alexander's Coal Merchants at the railway yard, c1912. Joe Alexander is the tall man 5th from left; Charlie Deacon is 2nd from right.

- 00-gauge model of Alexander's coal wagon, 2020.

Lewington's Coal Merchants:

C.H. Lewington started the coal merchant business in 1922. In the 1960s the business was run by Bob Lewington, from the yard off Priory Avenue.

In November 1988 the Bob retired, and the business was taken over by Burbage-based W Mundy & Son. 

The yard was developed as the small housing development off Clarks Gardens called Lewington Mews.

See "End of an era", NWN 10 Nov 1988.