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Thomas Fruen served for 47 years as Parish Clerk and Sexton.

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- High Street, c1911 showing Tom Fruen's china and glass shop frontage

- 2 Bridge Street, c1912 showing Munford's Printers & Stationers. It became Tom Fruen's china and glass shop from 1912

Tom Fruen ran a china and glass business from 129 High Street. He was also the local undertaker. In 1912 he appears to have swapped premises with Mr Ernest Munford, who moved to 129 High Street from 2 Bridge Street.

Tom Fruen died on 2 October 1895 at the age of 71 years. A fullsome obituary is in the Parish Magazine of November 1895, of which the following is an abstract:

"We have this month, with very much regret, to record the loss which the Parish has sustained by the death of Mr Thomas Fruen, who was for 47 years the much respected and highly valued Parish Clerk and Sexton.

In the bitter cold of Spring he caught a chill while carrying out his official duties, and from this he never recovered. His disorder ultimately developed into cancer, and for months he suffered with the most exemplary patience and Christian fortitude the greatest agony.

As the end approached his sufferings happily grew less and he passed peacefully away in the presence of his principle inhabitants of the Town, wended its way to St Saviour's Church yard, where the sad service was concluded, and with every mark of respect and affectionate regret the coffin was lowered into the grave.

The Choirs of both Churches were present and took part in the musical portion of the service.

Mr Fruen was a native of Hungerford and much attached to the Town and its traditions, and filled with credit to himself and advantage to his neighbours the various offices of Bailiff, Portrieve and Constable, to which latter office he was re-elected 5 times, and some months before his death he was elected Feoffee.

His urbanity and courtesy combined with consistent uprightness of character made him generally popular, and his place will be hard to fill.

We offer our sincere sympathy to Mrs. Fruen and her family in the irreparable loss they have sustained. Mr. Fruen was 71 years of age."