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There have been many printers and booksellers in Hungerford.

Abraham Nobbs:

The cover of a prayer book found in 1998 stated "Bound by Abraham Nobbs, Bookseller & Stationer, Hungerford. A Nobbs 1828". Abraham Nobbs (born 1777, died 1840) ran his bookseller's business in Hungerford prior to Mr Franklin. No definite record of the property has yet been found, but it is may have been at 2 Bridge Street.

William Franklin:

William Franklin (printer) is shown on the 1841 census at 2 Bridge Street. The 1847 Kelly Directory lists him as Printer, Bookseller, Stationer, Auctioneer and Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths, Crown Life and Fire Insurance Agent. After 1864, his widow Mary Franklin continued the business until c1871.

Alfred New:

The printer's business at 2 Bridge Street was taken over by 1881 by Alfred Wittern New, recorded in the census as "employing 1 man, 2 boys and 2 females". By 1903 (Kelly Directory) it was run by Frank New.

Rupert Mead:

By July 1911 (Parish Magazine) the business was known as Hungerford Printing Works, and was run by Rupert Mead.

Ernest William Munford: Ernest Munford (born 1882 in Norfolk, apprenticed in London) took over the Hungerford Printing Works c1913. He met and married Elizabeth Davis (born 1882 in Gloucestershire - trained as a teacher at Reading) who was the first Headmistress of Infants at the new All-Age Council School.

They married in 1919 and Elizabeth Munford bought 129 High Street on 10 Jun 1919. The Munfords swapped premises with Thomas Fruen (China & Glass, Undertaker), who moved down to 2 Bridge Street. Elizabeth Mnford died in c1954, and Ernest Munford remarried (Mrs Robinson) and left Hungerford for Wootton Bassett, dying in 1975, aged 93 years. The property at 129 High Street was left by Elizabeth Munford to their daughter Betty Munford (also a local schoolteacher), who lived there until her death in June 2009.

Mr EW Moon:

The Hungerford Printing Works was run by Mr EW Moon from c1956 until December c1978.

The business changed name to Fineline Printing, and moved to 59a High Street.

The Hungerford Book Shop:

The Hungerford Book Shop was started in 1 Church Street by Mrs Gerry Fost in the 1980s, and was later taken over by Michael and Pat Parslew.

In July 2003, the Hungerford Book Shop moved to 24 High Street, owned by Christopher Cook of Winding Wood, and managed by Michael Parslew.

Hungerford Bookshop is now owned by Alex and Emma Milne-White.

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- EW Munford's Hungerford Printing Works, 2 Bridge Street, c1913

- Bridge Street, showing Mr EW Munford at the door of the Printing Works, c1913

- Hungerford Printing Works at 129 High Street, Decorated for the Queen's Coronation, 1953

- Change of Address Card issued when Hungerford Printing Works moved to Fineline Printing, 59a High Street

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