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Anne Bishop emailed the Virtual Museum (from Nova Scotia, Canada), March 2015, with the following information:

"My GG grandparents were Charlotte Clement Zedekiah Dance. They emigrated to Canada from the Eddington area in 1838.

She kept sporadic diary entries throughout her life, 1830 - 1838 in the UK, then 1854 - 1881 in Canada. This is an attempt to describe her birth, childhood and married life because "I wish my children to know something about our early history."  Sadly to we genealogical searchers she mentions doing this so she could throw out the old letters!  Still, not many family would have handwritten diaries.

The Clement family appears to have been VERY religious in the Methodist tradition and she had 2 brothers who were Methodist preachers. One, Henry, who died age 21 1843 in either Hungerford or Eddington and the second John whose wife Elizabeth and young son, John, died in Hungerford in 1847. He then joined the military and ended up living and preaching in Australia.

Charlotte's parents were John Clement and Hannah White. She says she was born 10 Jan. 1810 at Floes Copse ( can't find it on any map). A few months after her birth they moved to the cottage in Eddington where John's father (Henry) and mother (Ann) lived.

She mentions going into service at age 12 at a Mr. Crolb's Tan Yard, living for a time at a Mr. Vines (?Mr Viner - HLP) where her mother receives Methodist teaching (c.1822-1830?)

She describes some events she attended in Hungerford.

Identifies 31 March 1834 as the year of her marriage to Zedekiah Dance and lived at Shefford Woodlands until the move to Canada via Hungerford and London.

As well as the diary in her hand writing we have several items they brought with them (2 plates, a large copper kettle and a picture of a thatched roofed cottage in Eddington that her Clement family lived in).

(In the Photo Gallery) is the picture of the house (taken in 1832 (this cannot be correct - HLP) according to writing on the back) that my GG grandparents lived in at Hungerford. Maybe that is him leaning against the post. They came to Canada in May of 1835, 3 years after the picture was taken.  They had one child, Ann, who notations say was christened Jan. 14, 1835 at Hungerford Chapel by a Rev. Wm Pollard.  They also note that GG grandma Charlotte Clement was christened Jan. 14 1810 at Hungerford English Church."

Photo Gallery:

miscellaneous-07 dance family home-a
miscellaneous-07 dance family home-a

Dance family home, 19th century

miscellaneous-07 dance family home-b
miscellaneous-07 dance family home-b

Dance family home, 19th century, notes on reverse