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Earliest information:
Date of current building: Late 18th century.
Listed: Grade II

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. Late C18. Tiled roof hipped to north with ridge chimney and 2 gabled dormers. Brick walls, grey headers red stretchers, first floor band and rendered panel to left. 2 storeys and attic. 5 glazing bar sashes with exposed box frames and painted keystones, 2nd from right blocked on first floor. 6 panel door with flat hood roof to left, 2 sashes and wide C20 double doors to right. North elevation has 2 storey high segmental bay shop window with glazing bars. Continuous with No. 5 (q.v.).

Photo Gallery:


Bow House Lifestyle, Jun 2010


Bow House Lifestyle, Jun 2010

fire_pratt funeral_02
fire_pratt funeral_02
charnham st 240 apr 1979
charnham st 240 apr 1979

4 Charnham Street, Apr 1979

charnham st 241 feb 1980
charnham st 241 feb 1980

4 Charnham Street, Feb 1980

19391010 soldiers outside bath road restaurant
19391010 soldiers outside bath road restaurant

Soldiers outside the Bath Road Restaurant, 10 Oct 1939.

- Bow House Lifestyle, June 2010.

- Bow House Lifestyle, June 2010.

- Freddie Pratt's funeral procession - showing Alec Townsin's Refreshment Room.

- Soldiers outside the Bath Road Restaurant, 10th October 1939.

- 4 Charnham Street, April 1979.

- 4 Charnham Street, Feb 1980


1844 Pigot Dir: John Dredge, auctioneer and furniture broker, Charnham Street,

1851 Census: [Position unclear here - needs further confirmation]
     John Dredge (52), auctioneer, wife Sophia (50).

1861 Census: [Position unclear here - needs further confirmation]
     From #104 Lamb Inn (5 Charnham Street):
     #105 John Dredge (62), auctioneer, 2 sons, 1 servant. (Note: under 1 Charnham Street:  In 1893  a parcel of ground in Charnham Street between the property of Margaretta Dredge and the cottage (2 Charnham Street) was bought for £70 for a Fire Engine Station. This became 3 Charnham Street)
     #106: Wiliam Briant (62), shoe maker, wife Sarah (61).
     #107: Ann Wilson (69), fundholder, 1 servant.
     #108: Mary Jepp(?) (53), 3 daughters. [I think this is 2 Charnham Street]
     #109: George May - Tanner employing 19 men, 15 others. [This is 1 Charnham Street]

1871 Census:
     #103: Lamb Inn
     #104: "Dredge's Yard, Charnham Street": William Balley (36), plate layer's labourer, wife Mary (28), 1 son.
     --Vacant property--
     #105: "Faulknor Square": Sarah Briant (71), shoe maker's widow and pauper.
     #106: "Faulknor Square": Joseph Dredge (29), auctioneer, wife Margaretta (31), 1 son, 1 daughter, 1 visitor.
     #107: Charnham Street: Joseph King (50), labourer, wife Eliza (58), 1 grand-daughter, 1 ?.
     #108: Bear Hotel! (where are 1, 2 and 4 Charnham Street)

1881 Census:
     #104: Lamb Inn
     #105: (?lodger at dwelling at Lamb Inn): William Godby (23), saddler, journeyman.
     #106: "Dredge's yard": Thomas ?Creswick? (65), labourer general, wife Elizabeth (64).
     #107: "Dredge's yard": Joseph Dredge (39), house agant and upholsetere.
     #108: "Faulknor Square): John Grimes 930), shopman in boot shop, wife Caroline (28), father-in-law=Frederick Tubb.
     #109: "Faulknor Square": Sarah Cannon (66).
     #110: "Faulknor Square": Alfred Mead (21), labourer general.
     #111: "Faulknor Square": William Hunt (23), iron founder.
     #112: "Faulknor Square": Uninhabited.
     #113: Henry Briant (2 Charnham Street)

1891 Census: [Position unclear here - needs further confirmation]
     #93: John Edmonds (?7 Charnham Street)
     #94: "Lamb Yard": Ann Miley? (78), 1 grandson.
     #95: "Lamb Yard": Ann Marshall (58), agricultural work, 1 son.
     #96 "Lamb Yard": William Phillips (79), agricultural labourer, wife Mary (74), 1 son.
     #97: Charnham Street: Charles Harding (30), mineral water manufacturer, wife Annie (28).
     #98: "Lamb Inn"
     #99 "Retreat Cottage": Nelly Belcher (37), laundress, 4 daughters, 1 worker.
     #100: "The Retreat": Joseph Dredge (49), retired auctioneer.
     #101: "Faulknor Square": Elizabeth Turner (64), school mistress, 1 sister.
     #102: "Faulknor Square": John Barrett (26), ostler groom, wife Sarah (23), 1 daughter, 1 lodger.
     #103: "Faulnor Square": George Hidden (61), pianoforte tuneer, wife Sarah (59), 1 visitor.
     #104: "Faulknor Square": George Skinner (59), draper and confectioner, wife Julia (39), 1 son, 5 daughters, 1 lodger (?4 Charnham Street)
     #105: "Charnham Street": George Pinches (28), groom, dog man, wife Eliza (25), 1 son, 1 daughter, 1 visitor.

1894 Charnham Street Floods: Marlborough Times of 17th November 1894 reported "...the inhabitants of the houses between the Bear and Mr. Gibbon's Iron Foundry were, if anything, in a worse plight. Mr Pinchen's house near the Fire Station was flooded, as was also the Engine House. Mr. Skinner's shop and dining room had nearly 2ft. of water in them, and boxes and confectionery bottles were floating about. The whole of Faulkner Square was under water, and had the appearance of a large lake. All the houses in the square were flooded, and the inhabitants had to remove upstairs, provisions, where needed, being drawn up in baskets. Mr. Hidden was a considerable sufferer, as to carpets and furniture. Mr. Edmonds and Mr. Pearce had their underground kitchens invaded, and as their supply of provisions and fuel were in them, they were cut off from food and firing. In the houses of Mr. Wren and Mr. Gibbons, the water rose to a great height, and the fire in the grate at Mr. Gibbons's was put out. Mrs. Withers, too, at the Red Lion Inn, had a terrible time of it, and the houses of Mr. Andrews, Mr. Lamsden, Mr. Buxey, and Mr. Joyce were also flooded."

1901 Census: Alec Townsin (25) Coffee House keeper, with wife Mary Elizabeth and 10m baby Florence.
1906 Cosburn's Dir: A Townsin, confectioner, Charnham Street.
1910 Alec Townsin's Refreshment Room (as shown in the photo of Freddie Pratt's funeral procession.
1911 Census: #125: Alec Townsin (35), Refreshment house keeper, wife Mary (37), 1 son, 1 daughter, 6 rooms.
1912: An indenture (21 Feb 1912) between Morse and Mrs Margaret Dredge giving access for a main sewer along the west side of the west block of Faulknor Square to Charnham Street for 2s 6d pa. The accompanying plan shows that Mrs Dredge owned all of the west block and south block of Faulknor Square properties. (See 1 Charnham Street).
1916 Cosburn's Dir: A Townsin, Confectioner, Charnham Street.

1920 Kelly Dir: Mrs Priscilla Harriet Briant, Refreshment Rooms, Chanham Street (surely she had taken over from Townsin. The Briant family were at 2 Charnham Street - HLP)

1939 Blacket's Dir: Bath Road Restaurant (Miss M H Armitage, resident, W E Wilcox, manager). (See photo in Photo Gallery.)
1940 Blacket's Dir: Bath Road Restaurant (E E Wilcox, manager; Miss M H Armitage, resident)

Caroline Franklin emailed the Virtual Museum (Feb 2018) to say that "I lived there, in what was then Number 4, and my parents ran The Bath Road Restaurant (which had the bay window on to Charnham Street). We moved there in, I think, 1952 or possibly late in 1951, when I was 11. I remember quite a bit about the people who lived around us, for when I first married, we lived in Number 5, the house next to my parents."

Caroline has since sent much more information on life in Faulknor Square - reproduced under "Faulknor Square".

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