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Eddington mill is mentioned in the Domesday Book. The manor of Eddington is listed in Domesday as covering nearly 1,000 acres, and having a mill and 34 acres.

The 1844 edition of The Miller states that Eddington Mill was well known throughout the West Country.

Early records of Eddington Mill:

Tom Hine kindly contacted the Virtual Museum and added the folliwng information:

1336 (VCH) Mentioned
1337 (VCH) Mentioned
1525 (VCH) Two mills in Eddington
1588 (VCH) Two mills in Eddington
1780 (VCH) Two mills in Eddington
1775 John Gaisford (owner); Joseph Fisher (tenant miller)
1791 Samuel Perkins, tenant miller
1796 Elizabeth Hillier
1812 John Hogsflesh
1812 Joseph Atherton
1823 Joseph Atherton
1830 Joseph Atherton
1823 James Langford & John Hogsflesh
1830 James Langford & John Hogsflesh
1847 William Hogsflesh. (The Hogsflesh family ran the mill for three generations. They originated from Kent)
1864 William Hofland (name changed from Hogsflesh)
1869 William Hofland
1877 Robert Newton Hofland (Snr & jnr)
1887 Robert Newton Hofland (Snr & jnr)
1895 Robert Newton Hofland (Snr & jnr)

Eddington Mill since c1900:

A detailed account of Eddington mill can be found in The Miller, dated 3 Dec 1894.

The mill had been converted to roller mills (Turner's System), and was said to be giving very satisfactory results.

Upstream of Eddington Mill is a fine lake. A photograph (in the Photo Gallery) shows dredging work in progress, with Eddington Mill at the far end of the excavations, on the left.

For three generations the mill had been run by the Hofland family (who had changed their family name from Hogsflesh). The Hogsflesh family originated from Kent.

Mr R N Hofland himself had supervised the tricky job of installing the twin "Hercules" turbines (33 and 27 ins) in a turbine pit which replaced the old traditional water-wheel. The detailed layout of the mill machinery can be seen on the report in The Miller.

In the 1890s, Eddington mill still sold much of its flour to Bath and the West Country.

In 1928 the mill was run by Robert John Robinson. It was powered at this time by 33" and 27" Hercules turbines.

The Hoflands sold the mill to William Ware, who in turn sold it to Mr Peters snr .

In the 1980s it was owned by Mr Peters son Robert Peters.

The mill continued to mill flour until c1952, after which it was used for fertiliser storage until finally closing in 1959.

When Ken Major surveyed the mill in 1963 he wrote "Took photo of stones. Mill used for storage".

A visit was made by members of the HHA and Ken Major on 28 Nov 1987, when Robert Peters showed us the whole mill.

Photo Gallery:

eddington mill-...
eddington mill-01 eddington mill-01
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eddington mill house kingsway series eddington mill house kingsway series

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- "The Eddington Roller Mills",The Miller, 3 Dec 1894.