The HHA Archive was first set up in 1984, five years after the formation of the HHA. The Archive includes books, original and transcribed documents on local history, maps, photographs, and artefacts all relating closely to Hungerford and the immediate surrounding area.

One aim of the Hungerford Virtual Museum has been to make these records more easily accessible on-line. They are made available for local historians for their personal research, and are not for publication or other reproduction. Work is ongoing to extend the list of material available on-line.

Please note: wherever appropriate, we try to add links to archive documents and other references under the appropriate section of the Virtual Museum. The list below includes only those items that do not have links in the appropriate sections elsewhere in the Museum. We recommend that you look at relevant sections first. If you are not successful then look at the list below.

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Hungerford Original Documents and Transcriptions:

An increasing number of original Hungerford documents and transcriptions are available
- in Alphabetical order, and
- in Chronological order.

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Hungerford Original Documents and Transcriptions (in Alphabetical order):

- Bastardy Papers for Hungerford 1712-1815 - see Caring for the Poor

- Censuses - see Population and Censuses

- Charities of Hungerford, 1906

- Charity Commissioners Scheme setting up Town & Manor of Hungerford Charity, 1908 - see Town & Manor Today

- Commoners' Lists 1781-1983

- Constables' Accounts, 1658-1789

- Dean of Sarum's Acts Books 1564-77

- Duchy of Lancaster Rentals & Surveys 1470-1676

- Hearth Taxes 1662-1664

- Hocktide Court Books, 1583, 1656, 1658, 1705, 1708

- Hungerford & Ramsbury Union Guardians' Minutes 1835-1840 - see Workhouses

- Land Tax - for Charnham Street Tithing 1780, 1781 and 1815 - see Charnham Street

- Law-suits connected with Hungerford

- Maps and Charts

- Miscellaneous documents and transcriptions

- Monumental Inscriptions in St Lawrence Churchyard

- Muster Rolls, 1522

- Newbury Weekly News Extracts

- Norman Hidden Index of Hungerford Names (an alphabetical list of names and references from the 13th-18th century)

- Overseers of the Poor Accounts, 1725-26 - see Caring for the Poor

- Parish Magazine Extracts

- Parish Registers

- Poll Book, 1727

- Poor Rate, 1704 - see Caring for the Poor

- Probate Inventories, 1650-1760

- Quit Rent 1676-1836

- Reading Mercury Extracts

- Register of John Chandler, Dean of Salisbury, 1404-17

- Royal Charters

- Town and Manor Archives - photographs and press cuttings

- Trade Directories

- Trustees' Minute Books 1821-1972

- Wills

- Workhouses and Hungerford Union Guardians' Minutes 1835-1840

Hungerford Original Documents and Transcriptions (in Chronological order):

- 1200-1800 - Norman Hidden Index of Hungerford Names

- 1248-1888 - Law-suits connected with Hungerford

- 1404-1417 - Register of John Chandler

- 1470-1676 - Duchy of Lancaster Rentals & Surveys

- 1522 - Muster Rolls

- 1564-1577 - Dean of Sarum's Acts Books

- 1583-1708 - Hocktide Court Books

- 1650-1760 - Probate Inventories

- 1658-1789 - Constables' Accounts

- 1662-1664 - Hearth Taxes

- 1676-1836 - Quit Rents

- 1704 - Poor Rate - see Caring for the Poor

- 1712-1815 - Bastardy Papers for Hungerford - see Caring for the Poor

- 1725-1726 - Overseers of the Poor Accounts - see Caring for the Poor

- 1727 - Poll Book

- 1780-1815 - Land Tax - for Charnham Street Tithing - see Charnham Street

- 1781-1983 - Commoners' Lists

- 1801 on - Censuses - see Censuses & Population

- 1821-1972 Trustees' Minute Books 1821-1972

- 1835-1840 - Hungerford & Ramsbury Union Guardians' Minutes - see Workhouses

- 1906 Charities of Hungerford, 1906

- 1908 - Charity Commissioners Scheme setting up Town & Manor of Hungerford Charity, 1908 - see Town & Manor Today


- Miscellaneous documents and transcriptions - see Miscellaneous Documents

- Parish Magazine extracts - see Parish Magazine

- Parish Registers - see Parish Registers

- Reading Mercury Extracts - see Reading Mercury Extracts

- Royal Charters - see Royal Charters

- Trade Directories - see Trade Directories

- Wills - see Wills

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The Alphabetical Index below will gradually include more errors and omissions, but for your convenience, it is being retained on the website during the transition process. Items in this list are included in the Search facility within the website.

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The Alphabetical Index of the Archives:

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Archaeological dig in The Croft, 1996 - see under Archeological Digs
"A Man of Hungerford" – the Memories of Jack Williams N77a; See also: "73 Not Out! - A Man of Hungerford" – Jack Williams N77
Accommodation Register - Federation of Family History Societies S3
Agricutural History Review Vol 54, Part 1, 2006. S52
Allen, John - Miscellaneous notes: File 1 J101; File 2 J102; File 3 J105; J107
Amateur Dramatics 1932 & 1933 B45
Antiques in Hungerford A19
Archaeology of the Berkshire Downs by Julian Richards R3
Archaeology in Berkshire - 1991 & 1992 B26
Aspects of the Early History of Hungerford, Norman Hidden, 2009 P

Balsdon Manor - Historical Notes 1870-71 by Newbury Field Club
Bastions of Berkshire - Pillboxes in World War II - see under Pillboxes & Hedgehogs
Berkshire Record Office - Catalogue of Hungerford Borough Records
Berkshire Record Office - Catalogue of Hungerford Parish Records (D/P 71)
Buildings - How to record old buildings
Battles of Newbury A67
Bedwyns, The – Bedwyn History Society R2
Bellmans Day, Sat 2nd June 2007, celebrating Robin Tubb's 50 years as Bellman N42
Benham Valence - Norsk Data Brochure S71
Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal: Apr 1908 [S15]; Oct 1909 [S16]; Jan 1910 [S17]; Autumn 1924 [S18]
Berkshire Archaeological Journal: 1950 & 1951 [S19]; 1994-1997 [R11]
Berkshire – the Buildings of England, Pevsner 1966-75 P
Berkshire Family History Society Journal, June 2006 S24
Berkshire Local History Association A15
Berkshire Quiz Book by Suzanne Battle R35
Berkshire Records Office
Information and Catalogue of Parish Records A59
Sources for Geneology in the B.R.O. , 1979 S99
Berkshire Record Society
Vol 1: Correspondence of the Foundling Hospital Inspectors in Berkshire 1757-68 by Gillian Clark R21
Vol 2: Berkshire Glebe Terriers, 1634 by Ian Mortimer R22
Vol 3: Berkshire Overseers' Papers, 1654-1834 by Peter Durrant R23
Vol 4: Berkshire Probate Accounts 1583-1712 by Ian Mortimer. R24
Vol 5: Enclosure in Berkshire 1485-1885 by Ross Wordie R25
Vol 6: Reading Gild Accounts – 1357-1516 by Cecil Slade Part 1 R26
Vol 7: Reading Gild Accounts – 1357-1516 by Cecil Slade Part 2 R27
Vol 8: Newbury - Kendrick Workhouse Records 1627-1641 R28
Vol 9: Berkshire Non-Conformist Meeting House Registrations, 1689-1852 Part I R29
Vol 10: Berkshire Non-Conformist Meeting House Registrations, 1689-1852 Part 2 R30

Bicycling 1874 - A Textbook for Early Riders [uncatalogued]
Bill heads, business letter headings, bags etc L
"Birds and Plants of Freemen's Marsh 1970-74" by Richard & Margery Frankum S97
"Birds and Plants of Hungerford Common 1980-84" by Richard Frankum S98
Brandon Colliery, 1856-1960, History of, by Laurie Moran, 1988 R46
British Local History - Dillon's University Bookshop S47
Building Societies B44

Chestnut Walk residential home - information brochure c2000
Calendar of Ancient Deeds Vols 1-6 E18
Care & Compassion – Margaret Railton S68
Cartulary of St Frideswide S81
- "The Story of CHAIN 1977 to 2010", by Ron Rowland N96
Charities B6

Church Wardens B20

- Burial Ground - proposals for new ground at Atherton Crescent & St. Saviour's A39
- Denford, Holy Trinity, inc Baptisms 1832-1920 B15
- Churches & Schools Group - Betty Clark A22
- Hymn Books and similar:
  - Hymns Ancient & Modern Revised (from St John's Mission, Hungerford) K)
  - Hymns and Choruses of the Church Army (from St John's Mission, Hungerford) K
  - 100 Hymns for Today (from St Lawrence Church, Hungerford) K
  - Come and Praise – BBC Radio for Schools (from Hungerford Ecumenical Sunday School) K
- Congregational Church Baptisms 1806-37 by Sylvia Evans A35
- St. Saviour's - general B10
- Wesleyan Chapel Burial Ground, 1842-1876 A27
- Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Baptisms 1837- 1903 A36 + M4
- Wesleyan Chapel Deeds A27
Convicts sent from Berks to New South Wales in 1831 D
Countryside, Change in, 1700-1900. Course notes by Julie Shuttleworth, 1992-93 ??
Craven Country - Story of Hamstead Marshall by Penelope Stokes R12

Deeds and Documents of 17th-19th century - how to read them, BRO, 1984
Davis (Jim), Letters from N. Hidden 1982-84 A26
Various records and notes K
- Deeds - 24 High Street (Paul Good) E43
- 33 High Street "Wilton House" (kindly presented by Jonathan Welfare, 2013)
- 26-27 Park Street E16
- Wesleyan Chapel, Church St A27
Dictionary of Campanology by David W. Struckett R36
Dictionary of Historical Terms S111
- Denton, 2009; 2010 Bookshelf
- Thompson 2010 Bookshelf
Discovering Parish Boundaries, Angus Winchester 1990 P
Domesday Book - John Morris R42

Early Medical Services - Berkshire & South Oxfordshire - Margaret Railton R20
Eastbury : A Berkshire Village by David Rutherford R13
English Heritage Publications Catalogue 1999-2000 S61
English Local History Handlist - Kuhlicke and Emmison S46
Exploring the Chilterns by Pam Haseltine S10

Finch, Rev A., notes B3
Fishery, The Story of an Ancient, by Jim Davis [2] N31 & N31a
Frank Rysiecki Story (Polish, 1939-1945 war) S65
Freeman's Marsh
The Birds and Plants of Freeman's Marsh 1970-74 – Richard and Margery Frankum N38
The Plants of Hungerford Marsh – Christine Knight S50
Froxfield – "Old Froxfield", Rev Alfred Barley, 1935 S94
Funeral Sheets and Obituries M3

Gas Works A 6
Glorious Revolution 1688, The, by Mrs. K. Merle Chacksfield R6

Group Projects in Local History, by Alan Rogers R34

Hidden Papers - various books, papers and notes by the late Norman Hidden:
- "A Royal Baptismal Name"
- "Great Fire of Hungerford, 1566"
- "Simon de Montfort and the town of Hungerford", 2003
- "From Hommedieu to Undy"
- "The History of a Hungerford House", 1988 (111 High Street)
- "The Later Lollards of West Berkshire", 1990
- Various books, papers, and notes by the late Norman Hidden: Leverton & Hayward, Chilton Foliat & Soley; Roads, Canals, Railway and Bridges; Church Street; Jethro Tull; Soldiers in Hungerford 1700-1872; Charnham Street – Inns, Hopgrass & Tanning. H1
- Bridge Street; High Street (West); High Street (East) H2
- Chilton Lodge Estate; Manor of Hidden H3
- Surveys & Resident Lists 12th century – 1848 H4
- Parish Church, Wills H5
- Wills: A-Z H6
- The Hidden Index of Hungerford Wills 1457-1857 – Norman Hidden, 1997 J41
- Town & Borough of Hungerford H7
- Hungerford Engleford H8
- Individuals (Notes from Parish records and elsewhere). A-G; H-M; N-Z H9
- A Riotous Affray at Salisbury in 1610 (Wiltshire Archeological & Natural History Magazine Vol 82, 1988) J10A/B
- A Royal Baptismal Name (Family Tree Magaizine, Vol 20, No 12, Oct 2004) S107
- Early Hungerford, Mills, BVM Chantry and Religious Dissent J1
- From Hommedieu to Undy (Family History, Jan 1994) S112
- Simon de Montfort and the Town of Hungerford (The Lion, No 34) N52
- Thirteen Tarot Rhymes, by Norman Hidden J2
- The Hiddens of Hungerford, Vol. 1 by Norman Hidden J5 & J5a
- The Hiddens of Hungerford, Vol. 2 by Norman Hidden J29
- The Hiddens of Hungerford, Vol. 3 by Norman Hidden J30
- The History of a Hungerford House (111 High Street) (Berkshire Old and New, No 5 1988) 53
- The Later Lollards of West Berkshire (Berkshire Old and New, No 7, 1990) N51
- The Long Journey, by Norman Hidden J3
- The Manor of Hidden by Norman Hidden J4
- English, including "Thomas Hayward and 'The British Muse'" by Norman Hidden, 1988 J6
- Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine, Volume 89 (1996), including "Royal Itineraries and Medieval Routes" by Norman Hidden J11
- Wiltshire Archeological & Natural History Magazine Vol 83 (1990), J12
- Fires and Fire Insurance in Hungerford by Norman Hidden J21
- Ancient Deeds concerning Hungerford by Norman Hidden J22
- Index to Feet of Fines concerning Hungerford by Norman Hidden J23
- Duchy of Lancaster – Ministers Accounts for Hungerford, transcribed by Norman Hidden J24
- Hungerford Deeds – from the Hastings Manuscripts J25
- Ecclesiastical Documentation relating to Hungerford J26
- The Manor of Hidden (Edition 2) by Norman Hidden J27
- A Passion for Poetry by Norman Hidden J42

HADCAF Programmes, 1993 onwards E30
Hungerford Community Arts Festival July 1993 N22
Hedgerow Remnants by A.B. Spicer S70
Hedges in our Countryside - Don Porter & Alan Spicer S22
Historic Towns in Berkshire by Grenville Astill R4
Historical Atlas of Berkshire (edited by Joan Dils), 1998 [P]
Historical Monuments of England - Royal Commission Strategic Plan S26
Historical Sketch of the Town of Hungerford by W. Money F.S.A. N131
House Detectives by Amanda Hansford & Paul Cannon S84

- Hungerford 1840-1850, Miscellaneous information A32
- Hungerford 1989 A89
- Hungerford 1990 A90
- Hungerford 1991 A91
- Hungerford 1992 A92
- Hungerford 1993 A93
- Hungerford 1994 A94
- Hungerford 1995 A95
Hungerford 2000 by Rufus Segar – Town & Manor of Hungerford, 1999 N93
Hungerford – A History – HHA. Research papers & Documents, 1999 T
Hungerford – A History – HHA. 1st edition, 2000 N134
Hungerford – A History – HHA. 2nd edition, 2000 N135
Hungerford - A Pictorial History - Dr. Hugh Pihlens. 1st Edition, 1992 N107
Hungerford - A Pictorial History - Dr. Hugh Pihlens. 2nd Edition, 2007 N108
Hungerford and Denford Parish News Sheets – Mar-Sep 1979 N89
Hungerford and its Traditionns, 1967 S104
Hungerford and its traditions - 1967-74
Hungerford and its Traditionns, 1978 N23
Hungerford and the Nation, 1688 by Michael Blakeway N23
Hungerford Beyond Domesday, by Carol Cartwright N21
Hungerford Borough Records E19
Hungerford, Borough of – Market Toll Book 1880-1957 (via Maj John Hathway)
Hungerford Business Invoices 1950 A73
Hungerford Brutal Murder of Two Policemen 1876 A38
Hungerford Camera Club E1 & L (3 files)
Hungerford Carnival E10
Hungerford Cartulary – Wiltshire Record Society N121
Hungerford Christmas Fat Stock Show Catalogues + Prize Schedules – various – 1913-1934 E26
Hungerford Common Port Down

Hungerford Connection by Katie Kingshill A29
Hungerford Cricket Club A65
Hungerford Enhancement Scheme B25
Hungerford Family Journal of the Hungerford and Associated Families Society; May 1991; Nov 1991;May 1995; May 2000 N40
The Families of Hungerford by Stanley W. Hungerford N106
Hungerford Historical Association
Hungerford Transportees from Hungerford - July 1831 A38
Hungerford Guide Book c1965 S89; c1967 N54
Hungerford Handbell Ringers B40
Hungerford Hocktide Court Rules, 1961 B46
Hungerford Pantomime Programmes 1980-1987 E22

Hungerford Parish Magazines:
- 1867-1894 K
- May 1889 S88
- 1895-1901 K
- 1902-1903 K
- 1902-1913 K
- 1914-1926 K
- 1927-38 K
- 1939-1954 K

  Published as "Hungerford Bridge"
- Sep 1981 – Dec 1990
- 1991 – 1998
- 1999 – 2004 (excluding Nov 2000)
- 2005 – 2010 (excluding Apr 2006, Sep 2009)

Hungerford Parish and Town Council - 100 years service 1894-1994 (Jack Williams) N28
Hungerford Town Council E12
Hungerford Play, The - 1685-1688 - Katie Kingshill N90
Hungerford Remembered by Anne Pitcher N92
Hungerford Research Papers E34
Hungerford Scouts B48
- Secretary's Correspondence Jan 1951 – Jul 1953 N5
- Secretary's Correspondence Dec 1952 – Oct 1953 N6
- Secretary's Correspondence Oct 1951 – Nov 1952 N7
- Minutes Book Aug 1947 – Sep 1953 N8
- Minutes Book Apr 1950 – Feb 1953 N9
Hungerford Singers E24
Hungerford – The Economy of a Frontier Town, 1996. S110
Hungerford Times - 1990-91 A64
Hungerford Toll Record Book, 1890-1956 N
Hungerford Town Council Newsletters "Open Door":

Hungerford Town Guides:
- Official Guide c1925 (Uncatalogued)
- Official Guide c1964 (Uncatalogued)
- Information Sheet (by CHAIN) Sep 1991 S96
- Residents' Handbook 1997 S101
- Residents' Handbook 1999 S102
- Street Plan c1975 S100
- Tourist Guide, c2005 (two copies) N41
- Town Guide 2005-2006 S103
Hungerford Town Plans:
- A Plan for Hungerford Town (Draft - 1975) - R.S. Stoddart N81
- A Plan for Hungerford Town (Draft - 1975) - R.S. Stoddart N82
- Hungerford 2010+, Dec 2005 N97
Hungerford Walks – leaflet of 4 walks, c1985? S57
Hungerford War Memorial 1939-1945 by Richard Amphlett N29
Hungerford Young Wives B49

Illegitimacy - Eve McLaughlin S6
Illustrated Rural Rides, 1821-32 by William Cobbett R18
Indentures - William Bance, Inkpen 1740; Free School, The Croft; Annuity for The Poor A28
Inns - History of A20
Is your name Hungerford? By Jim Davis N30

James & Co (Hungerford) Ltd., 1910-1986 – Robert James N91

Kennet, The, by Wilson Stephens R48
- Kintbury & Kintbury Research Group A21
- Kintbury. A Century Remembered. 1900-1999 – Kintbury Volunteer Group, 1999 R17
- One Thousand Years of Kintbury - Thora Morrish and Margaret Yates S23
- Kintbury Through the Ages R16
- Kintbury - Local History Papers Vol 1, 1987 S30

- A Guide to the Lambourn Downs - Brian Frost S29
- A Guide to the Lambourn Downs S28
Last Patrol, The, by Len Woodley R45
Life in a Seventeenth Century Parish S21
Listing Survey of Buildings in Hungerford and Combe by D of E, 1985 A25
Local History, A Handbook for Beginners, by Philip Riden R40
Local History in England by W.G. Hoskins R41
Local Record Sources in Print and in Progress 1972-76 - Joyce Youings S42

Millmead E25
Miscellaneous Documents found in The Old Granary Dec 1991 A74
Miscellaneous newspaper articles, HADCAF etc etc
Miscellaneous items – awaiting re-indexing L
Monumental Inscriptions, Notes on Recording, by JL Rayment S54
Monuments, Inscriptions (Rev A Finch), 1693-1885 B4
Monuments, Inscriptions (David Field & Betty Clark), 1693-1885 B4
Munford – The Betty Muinford Collection – Various historic documents and letters.
Murder in Old Berkshire by Roger Long R31
Milestone Survey in West Berkshire - RJ Hart, Berks Archaeological Journal, Vol. 67

Narrowing the Field by Alan Rogers S12
National Monument Record Centre – Hungerford & District items L
Newbury & District Motor Services, 1932-1952, History of, by Paul Lacey. S48
Newbury Childhood, A, by Joan Booker R43
Newbury District Field Club Vol. 13 No. 1 S13
Newbury District Official Map, 1985 S82
Newbury Weekly News - Press reports of talks A37
Newspaper Cuttings, various B 7
Newspaper Cuttings, various in Scrapbooks 1980-1989 Bookshelf
Daily Express 24th April 1900 S67
Marlborough Times 11th June 1898 (inc school adverts) S66
Newton Collection - relating to 55-65 High Street, 1835-1987.
No Bed of Roses by Audrey Franklin S45
Norland – Penelope Stokes R39
North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural beauty B34

Oakes Bros. Ltd., 1925-1975 E2
Obituaries (see also Funeral Sheets and Obituries) E8
Old-fashioned Socialist, An - Lorenzo Quelch R38
One Hussar - The Journal of James Rawlins 1853-63 by Ken Hurton S14
Oxford Church Courts – Depositions 1542-1550 N55
Oxford Church Courts – Depositions 1570-1574 N56

Parish Registers – National Index, Vol 8 Part 1 – Berkshire S106
- Gerald Ward, HHA Patron 1997-2008 E48
- Alfred "Sonner" North, Legion d'Honneur, 21.2.1999 E48
- Giles family – carriers E48
- EL Jim Davies, Remembered, A Friend of the Family, Hungerford E48

Posters A11
Prehistoric Berkshire - Babtie Public Service Division S4
Procedure for Recording English Vernacular Architecture – Brunskill S44
Properties in Hungerford:
- List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest – Hungerford, June 1984 N88
- Friar's Pardon, Charnham Street E49
- Templeton, Anvilles, Denford, Avington E49
Property Sales Particulars E9
Press Cuttings:
- NWN 31.12.1993 Nick Galbraith new chair of magistrates from Daphne Priestley

Quiet Years, The – as told by Wally Dennis. D. Archer, 2001 S64

Ramsbury at War by Roger Day R15
Ramsbury - Then and Now by Barbara Croucher R9
- Holy Cross Church, Ramsbury by Mrs Barbara Croucher R14
Rate Books of Hungerford,
- 1875 M
- 1893 M
Record Interpreter, Abreviations, Latin Words used in Historical Manuscripts R208 (B208)
Record Offices - information on B42
Register of John Chandler, Dean of Salisbury, 1404-17 R209 (B209)
Reminiscences of Hungerford by Pam Haseltine N26
Riverside House & The Cottage, 2 Charnham Street – Joan Archer A52
Roll and Writ File of the Berkshire Eyre of 1248, Selden Society R19
Roman Research News B27
Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1743-1914, by Martin "Mac" McIntyre, 2006 R32

Sale Documents:
- Estate of the late Mrs Anne Hemstead, in 11 Lots, 8th August 1877 - see 35 High Street

Schools, Education and Charities

Summers' Papers - list of items

Salisbury & Wiltshire Guide to the Records of the Bishop etc S93
Savernake Forest:
"Savernake at War" – a wartime history fo Savernake Forest 1940-49, Roger Day S91
A History of Savernake Forest, by the Marquess of Ailesbury S90
Schools, including
- John o' Gaunt School A43
- Hungerford Free Grammar School: A43
- Qualifications of the Master, Regulations and Management, 1893 A43
- General Digest of Charities, Berkshire, Jul 1868 A43
- National School Gill's Geometry Text Book R47
Scrapbooks of Newspaper Cuttings, various 1980-1989 Bookshelf
Secretary Hand ABC Book, A, by Alf Ison S8
St. John's Mission A18
St. Johns Ambulance Brigade
- Album on St. John's Ambulance Brigade, Transfusion Service from 1950 P
- Blood Transfusion Committee Minute Book, Sep 1959. R44
Stained Glass A24
Steam Engine Rally - programmes A76
Story of an Ancient Fishery by Jim Davis N31
Story of Hungerford, Berkshire, The, by W.H. Summers N132
Story of Hungerford, The, by Dr. Hugh Pihlens, 1983 N133
Summers, Rev (Notes on Field & Place names, Notes on Register A62

Talks to HHA: see Talks to the HHA
Tally Ho, Hungerford Newtown – Regimental Wall Plate E33
Telephone Exchange - Directory 1904 & 1907 A10
Templeton House – Fae Morgan E3
Thames Valley Papists - Tony Hadland R33
Town Hall A68
Town and Manor:
- Charity Commissioners Scheme Feb 1908 - see Town & Manor Today
- Survey of the Manors of Hungerford and Sanden Fee, 25th May 1591 - see Town & Manor
Thy Chartered Freeman by Joan Booker R37
Tithe Acts 1836-1918 B11
Town & Manor oddments B 8
Town Characters (eg obituries) B31
Tracing Your Ancestors - D.M. Field R7
Trade Directories, Town Guides and Town Plans ??
Transcripts of Oral History Interviews for "Reminiscences of Hungerford" - Pam Haseltine B28

The Tubb Collection - an uncatalogued collection given by Gary Tubb 2015, including:
- Hungerford Skating Rink (Corn Exchange) records, 1910
- Town & Manor:
     Register of Owners and Occupiers of Commoners' properties:1902-1996
     Commoners' Lists
     Various items on Hocktide and Town & Manor
- Town Band
- National School
- Scouts
- Parish Church
- West Berks Association - "The Rules and Regulations of the WBA, "for the Protection of property and persecution of Felons, established 1835". Includes list of members, and minutes of meetings.
- Various photographs
- Miscellaneous

Tull, Jethro: Agricultural History - Jethro Tull I, II, and III by Norman Hidden N34
Twinning with Ligueil A13
Tutti-Day (Hocktide) A 8

Victorian Hungerford – course notes E46
Village in the Valley (Ramsbury), A, by Barbara Croucher R8

Walk About Hungerford by Dr. Hugh Pihlens N35
Wallingtons, Kintbury, Berkshire, by Brother Anthony Porter, 2009 S94
- Church of St Gregory, Welford. Alan Garvey, 2006 S56
- Church and Parish Council 1894-1994 B24
Welford & Wickham – Mrs Batson's Scrapbooks – 2003 R1
Welford cum Wickham by A.W. Garvey, 2000. R133 (B133)
West Berkshire Council
- Draft Cultural Strategy 2003 S62
- Heritage Service Acquisition and Dispersal Policy, 1998-2002 S85
William & Mary Tercentenary Magazine S27
Williams – The Jack Williams Collection (files and papers gifted in 2013):
- Berkshire County Council & Thames Valley Enterprise Information Pack, cc1992
- Bosnian Refugees 1992 (Thames Valley Bosnian Appeal and other papers, 1992-97)
- Brownie Registers 1938-1968
- Croft Hall Correspondence, 2000 (relating to Trustees, Withers solicitors etc)
- Fish Mortality 1998 – Technical Report
- Miscellaneous press cuttings and correspondence
- Museum Committee, c1993
- Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation – Celebration Committee Minute BookNov 1952 – Aug 1953
- Recreation Survey, c1987
- West Berkshire Planning Strategy, May 2008
- Wives Group (Minutes and correspondence 1988-89, Short History)
- Fire Brigade Records, including
 - Fire Reports,
 - Log books,
 - AFS Training reports,
 - Station Duty Book 1891-1900
 - Hungerford Volunteer Fire Brigade Cash Book, 1891-1902
- Cricket Club Fixtures, 1991
- Plan of Churchyard, with positions of named graves
- Proposed Statue of John of Gaunt, 2002
- Hungerfod Sanitary Laundry Company – Printer's Block
- Proposed Unitary Authority, 1991-1994
- Triangle Field, 1990-1995
- Hungerfod & District Nursing Association, 1983-1995
- Silver Jubilee Trust, 1978-1993
- Recreation & Amenities Committee, 1991-1993 (inc Smitham Bridge Playground)
- Town Council Elections, 1983-1991 (inc Electoral Rolls for Hungerford)
Wilmott, Douglas, builder - Day Book, 1928-1932 N104 (Y104)
Wiltshire Studies, Wiltshire Archeological & Natural History Magazine Vol 96, 2003 S51

Possibly missing from HHA Archive?:
- Genealogist's Magazine, June 1989 – Hayward's Epitaphs, by Norman Hidden
- The Beauty and the Problem of an Alias - Norman Hidden
- Parish Magazines:1870-1894 & Church Accounts:1868-1869 (with Fred Bailey)
- Parish Magazines:1895-1902 (with Fred Bailey)
- Parish Magazines:1902-1903 (with Fred Bailey)
- Monument Inscriptions - St. Lawrence - J.L. Rayment
- Monument Inscriptions - St. Lawrence – Finch (with Fred Bailey)
- The Chantry of the Holy Trinity at Hungerford – Norman Hidden
- Henry Brinklow of Kintbury – Margaret Yates
- The Blindfolded Midwife and the Littlecote Ghost

Magazines and Newspapers:

* The Adviser from 11 July 1992
* Berkshire Family History from Autumn 1977
* Berkshire Local History Association Newsletters (from Spring 1991): 40-41, 44-55, 57-61,
2-95, 97-
* Berkshire Old and New(from 1985): 2-3, 5-12, 14-16, 19-24, 26-
* Chain Mail from September 1980
* Hungerford Bridge - Parish Magazine from Jan 1982

Scrap Books:

Cuttings from Marlborough Times March 1981 - December 1989 re Hungerford, Pat Gray - Drawer C


Hungerford Tragedy Memorial Service 8th August 1987 C2
Reminiscences of Hungerford John Allen and Alfred North C3
Growth of Non-conformity in West Berkshire - Thora Morrish. 23 Jun 1993 C9
Lower Denford Farm 1908-1911 - Kerr Kirkwood 24 May 1995 C10

DVDs and CDs:

Extract from Gardener's World, Ron Hoyes and Hungerfod Police Station – Aug 1992
A Humerous Look at people and Places in Hungerford – Jack Williams, 24 May 2000
A Look at Hungerford's History - Dr. Hugh Pihlens, 28 Jan 98
Hungerford Alive, 12 Jul 1997
History of Wallington's, St. Cassians – Bro Anthony Porter, 26 Jan 2005
HADCAF, Jul 2000
Hocktide in Hungerford – The Story of the Ancient Tradition
Hungerford – The Traditional Town with a Heart for Industry, c1990
Eastbury: A Berkshire Village – David Rutherford (2003)
Hungerford – A History (2000)
John Allen's work, including various articles, and Parish Registers 1870-2006
Richard Amphlett: Second World War Memorials
The Story of the Fire Service (inc old photos of Hungerford fire brigade)

Artefacts & Memorabilia:

- Replica badge worn on their bluecoat uniforms by pupils who gain admission to Christ's
Hospital through West's Gifts (given to HHA April 2004)
- Dendro section from 2 Bridge Street – 1384-1532 – 149 rings.

A4 Lever Arch Files:

1. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1870-1899 – John Allen.
2. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1900-1929 – John Allen.
3. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1930-1953 – John Allen.
4. Copies of Documents used for "Hungerford – A History"
5. National Monument Record Centre, Swindon - website printout of main sources available
6. Baptisms – Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Hungerford. 1837-1903 – John Allen
7. Hungerford Ecumenical Sunday School – John Allen
8. Newbury Weekly News Reports, 2000-2003 – Piers Dunn
9. Hungerford – General
10. Hungerford Parish Records – Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1981-1999 – John Allen

Boxfile 1:

Davis (Jim), Primary research notes for The Bear, Hungerford Fishery and Fight on Hungerford Common

Boxfile 2:

Original research notes of W.H. Summers (donated by Dr Humphrey Hope, 2007)

See also:

- Victoria County History, Vol 4, Hungerford - British History online

- British Pathé website - including many archive clips of Hungerford

- Some notes on Medieval English Genealogy (