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This Photo Gallery includes a number of pictures of roads not included elsewhere.

Photo Gallery:

miscellaneous-009 macklins field c1910 miscellaneous-009 macklins field c1910
miscellaneous-010 bath road tony atkins miscellaneous-010 bath road tony atkins
19860100 moon l...
19860100 moon lane lavatory lane 19860100 moon lane lavatory lane
19870600 fertil...
19870600 fertiliquid 19870600 fertiliquid
19880216 crown ...
19880216 crown mews 19880216 crown mews
19880310 statio...
19880310 station road 19880310 station road
19900100 charnh...
19900100 charnham lane 19900100 charnham lane
19910300 gibbs ...
19910300 gibbs yard 19910300 gibbs yard
20140219 colin ...
20140219 colin honeybone 20140219 colin honeybone

- Macklin's Field, c1910 (later Macklin Close)

- Bath Road near Picket Field, undated (Kindly sent by Tony Atkins)

- Moon Lane (also known as "Lavatory Lane" between High Street and Priory Road, Jan 1986 [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Fertiliquid Factory, Jun 1987 Later part of the Hamblin Meadow development. [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Crown Mews, Feb 1988 [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Station Road, Mar 1988 [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Empty premises of JT Gibbs, Builders, Mar 1991 later developed as Middleton's Close [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Charnham Lane under construction, Jan 1990 [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Colin Honeybone completing the decorative finials on the gate at Strongrove Hill - his ?100th kissing gate, Feb 2019.