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Earliest information: 1609
Original estate: ?Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 28ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 20th century
Listed? No

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Passion, Sharpis, Trahearne, Mackerell, Simmons, Woodham (1873). Mapson (watchmaker), Parsons (photographer), Barclays Bank.

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- Barclays Bank, 30 High Street, Jan 2007

- Parsons, 30 High Street, c1918

- Newbury & District bus service (No 31, Thornycroft 20 seater, Reg No TP 7951) service to Newbury, outside 28 High Street, showing Parsons, 30 High Street in the distance, c1944. See also Peter Goulds "Motor Services of Newbury".


1609 (NH) (QR) John Passion, q.r. 2d.

1663 (NH) Hearth Tax: George Sharpis (or ?Sharpus) – 1 hearth

1676 (NH) (QR) A. Trahearne, q.r. 2d. [In 1663, Anthony Trahearne married Sarah Mackerell]

1704 (NH) Will of Ralph Mackerell, yeoman (who died Aug 1705). The eldest son John Mackerell contested the will, saying his father was "non compus-mentis".
- (a) To Mary and after her death to Joseph … messuage late in possession of Anthony Traherne and now of Daniel Hazell … [Note it was left to Joseph, a son, but not the eldest son!]

1753-61 (QR) Thomas Robinson (Coxhead deleted), q.r. 2d.

1774-80 (QR) Mary Simmons
1781 (CL) Unclear hand-writing, ? Mrs. Simmonds superscribed
1795-04 (QR) Mary Simmons
1796 (BK) no entry for Mary Simmons but included are Mrs. Anne Simonds, widow, living where? John Simonds, maltster, living where? See 1816 below.

1805-17 (QR) Mary superscribed by Elizabeth Simmons," house late Robinsons". At end of line ?Child, for 30 & 31 HS bracketed together.
1807 (CL) not clear, inadequate photocopy of original list
1816 (DD of 28 High Street) Lease & release 9th and 11th November referred to in Abstract of Title dated 1873. Includes reference to Elizabeth Webb (of Hungerford, spinster), who is grand-daughter of John Simmons (of Hungerford, maltster) and Elizabeth Simmons (widow); James Harbert (of Poughley, esquire); William Webb (of Newbury, grocer)

1818-23 (QR) Charles Child
1832 (QR) Elizabeth Child for "house late Charles Child", quit rent of 2d
1836 (QR) Elizabeth Child for "house late Charles Child", q.r. 2d.

1841 (CS) Sylvester White (50) tailor. James Spanswick (30) carpenter ?? also in 30HS (or in 28 HS or more than one home/shop in line along burgage of 30 HS) George Spanswick (50) carpenter Thomas Hart (20) baker Solomon Ayres (60) corn porter
1844 (PD) George Spanswick, Carpenter, HS -
- ?no. Sylanus White, tailor, HS - ?no.
1847 (KD) George Spanswick, carpenter, HS - ?no.
- Silvanus White, tailor, HS - ?no.
- Mrs Sarah Spanswick, girls day school, HS - ?no. - ?wife of George or James
1847 (CL) Widow Child (owner); George Spanswick & Sylvanus White (occupants)
1850 (SD) George Spanswick, carpenter, Edington
- (No entry for S. White)

1851 (CS) ?Frederick Tubb (45), Carpenter. ?Thomas Besant (25), coachbuilder, George Spanswick (68) carpenter

1854 (BD) No entry for Spanswick
- William Beasant, coachbuilder, HS - ?no.
- Jane Beasant ,day school, HS - ?no.

1861 (CL) Widow Child (owner); Thomas Beasant (occupant)
1861 (CS) Thomas Beasant (36) coachbuilder
1864 (BD) William Beasant, coachbuilder, HS - ?no.
- Jane Beasant, day school, HS - ?no.

1866 Deeds 32HS state: to north Savings Bank (=31HS) and garden ground and workshop belong to Mrs. Child, occ by Thomas Beasant (=30HS)

1869 (PO) No entry for Beasant

1871 (CS) ? Henry Bell, furniture dealer }

? Charles Bishop, harnessmaker } ?no. in HS

? Thomas H. White, Butcher } ( S. of 26 & N. of 31)

1873 (DD of 28 High Street, purchase of barn and land at rear of 28 High Street, refers to the land boundaries: to the east, messuage, garden and premises previously Charles Child and James Charles Brown, "recently sold to James Woodham, the younger." Refers to indenture of 10.5.1873 when sold to James Woodham.
1881 (CS) James Woodham, watchmaker ( JW in 105 HS previously, see Woodham family notes eg a James Woodham watchmaker, is in H'ford in 1796 BK directory)

See Woodham family history notes in HHA Archives.
Woodhams were in 1, 3, 30, and 105 HS.
1782 (CL) James Woodham, 1 HS
1807 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS
1843 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS
1847 (CL) James Woodham, 1HS, own and occ
- Edward Woodham, 3HS
- William Moody, 105HS (own); Self and A. Woodham (occ)
1861 (CS) James Woodham (72), retired watchmaker, 1HS
- James A. Woodham, clockmaker, 105HS
1864 (BD) James Ambrose Woodham, watch and clockmaker, High Street
- Edward Woodham, gun and patternmaker, High Street
1871 (CS) [No Woodham in 1HS]
- James Woodham junior, 105HS, watchmaker
1881 (CS) [No Woodham in 105HS]
- James Woodham, 30HS (now Barclays Bank)
1891 (KD) William Mapson, watchmaker, ?30HS
- Henry Woodham, watch and clockmaker, silversmith, High Street
1895 (KD) Miss Kate Woodham, watch and clockmaker, silversmith, High Street
1895 (KD) Charles Thomas Woodham, relieving and vaccination officer for Hungerford district and attendance and inquiry officer, Park Street.
1896 (CL) No Woodham in High Street

1891 (KD) William Mapson, watchmaker, HS - ?no.
1895 (KD) William Mapson, watchmaker, HS - ?no.
- Miss Kate Woodham, watch & clockmaker, silver smith, HS - ?no.
1896 (CL) William Mapson (owner & occupant)
1902 (T&M Register) William Mapson (owner & occupier until 1916)
1903 (KD) William Mapson, watchmaker, HS (no entry for a watchmaker Woodham)
1911 (KD) William Mapson, watchmaker, HS
1914 (CL) William Mapson (owner & occupant).
William Clark Mapson died Oct 1931, aged 65 yrs.

1916/17 (*2) Albert Parsons moved from 1 Bridge Street to 30 HS
1917 (T&M Register) Albert Parsons (owner, & occupier until 1967)
1920 (KD) Albert Parsons, photographer, HS (no entry for Mapson)
1932 (QR) Mr. Parsons "House formerly Robinsons afterwards Charles Childs then Elizabeth Childs" q.r. 2d.
1939 (KD) Albert Parsons, photographer, HS, TN 38
1939 (Blacket's) A. Parsons, photographer & cars for hire.
- (Also under 30 HS: .....Hanks, optician)
1947 (CL) Albert Parsons
19?? (Joan Macey) Parsons' Studio at rear of premises, cake shop at front run by Mr. Hughes
1952 (CL) Albert Parsons
19?? (Joan Macey) Gateway Cafe run by Mrs. Rose before Barclays Bank built
1956 (CL) Miss Catherine Ellen Elfrida Rose
1963 (CL) Catherine Ellen Elfrida Bun/r....(photocopying missed off part of surname)

1967 Barclays Bank built in 1967 (celebrated their 25 years here in Feb 1992).
1968 (T&M Register) Barclays Bank Ltd (owner);
1968 (CL) Void (Barclays Bank)
1970 (CL) Void (Barclays Bank)
1976 (CL) Void (Barclays Bank)
1978 (T&M Register) Thomas Michael Fletcher (occupier)
1983 (CL) Thomas Michael Fletcher (retired ?1987) (Barclays Bank)
1984 (CL) Thomas Michael Fletcher
1985 (CL) Thomas Michael Fletcher
2000 (CL) Ian Bruce Savin
2005 (CL) Void
2010 Barclays Bank
2011 (CL) Void
In Jul 2015 Barclays Bank reduced its opening hours to Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri -  9.30-15.30.

From Norman Hidden's papers on No. 31? [No should be 30 HS – HLP]

The descent of a property to William Sharpus is fairly clear, but which property exactly is harder to determine.

As stated in his will, William Sharpus purchased a messuage in Hungerford which seems to have had lands in the three parishes of Hungerford, Kintbury and Inkpen, from his kinsman Roger Richards. This purchase is confirmed by the Hungerford Court Book for the year 1643.

[A Roger Richards died 1639, but another Roger Richards – possibly his son – had a child buried in Hungerford in 1653 ?and his wife? In 1657. He may have had a son baptised in Hungerford in 1640]

Roger Richards had purchased the property, according to the Hungerford Court Book, from the heirs of Robert Field in 1631, Robert having died in 1628. In the sale of 1631, a tenement and all lands remaining to the estate of Robert Field were sold except Picked Acre.

In the 1609 survey, Robert Field has 4 messuages, all with some acreage appertaining, and a close (?Clip Close) in Sanden Fee. By deduction, the most likely messuage sold to Richards would be that on the west side described in 1609 as one messuage and 6 acres, quit rent 5s 6d.

There is a problem here with the amount of the quit rent – also with the positioning of the property in the Quit Rent Roll.

The PCC will of William Sharpus of Inkpen dated 1652 (probate 1653) refers to his "messuage and lands … in several parts of Hungerford, Kintbury and Inkpen now in the tenure of my kinsman Roger Richards, of whom I formerly purchased the same". This property is left to his son George Sharpus, 3 years after the testatori decease "for which years Elizabeth my wife to have profits towards making up a portion for my daughter Mary Sharpus."

[William Sharpus also had a property in Inkpen which was his dwelling house, for the 3 lives of himself, his wife Elizabeth, his son Thomas].

[His daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Palmer of Andover, legacy to his grandchild Elizabeth Palmer, Witness to will: William Palmer]

This legacy to George Sharpus would seem to explain
(a) the Hocktide Court admission of George in 1656
(b) the sale George Sharpus to John Norris in H.C.B. 1667. John Norris had been admitted to Hocktide Court, as brewer, in 1659. He has taken Sharpus' place on the Freesuitors list by 1669.

The 1663 and 1664 Hearth Tax lists have George Sharpus with 2 chimneys in a position which is between Ralph Mackerell on the north, and John Waldron on the south. In the 1676 QR the names entered are (from south to north) Wabond(?), Traherne(?), Mackerell.
[NB Anthony Traheren married Sarah Mackerell 1663 (daughter of John Mackerell?)]

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